How Did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight (Here’s Her Secret)

How did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight

Jessica Simpson has made tremendous body transformation after she gave birth to her third child.  She is now the inspiration for many moms all over the world. Here I will show you how did Jessica Simpson lose weight.

So, let’s dig out Jessica Simpson weight loss secrets…

Jessica Simpson’s Trainer

Her trainer Harley Pasternak helped her to shed all the postpartum extra kilos in just six months. Pasternak planned a five tasks daily program for her to embrace success soon after her third child Birdie Mae’s birth.

The 40-year old singer was insecure during her third childbirth journey. The unexpected pregnancy brought various complications and weight gain. Severe edema (swelling) in her ankles and feet was among the difficulties faced.

Her weight loss in six months and her continuous healthy lifestyle to maintain herself are no more a secret now. Her most-trusted celebrity trainer encouraged her to opt for sustainable and healthier lifestyle goals.

Jessica Simpson Weight Loss Regime

She required a long time to be back to her normal body shape. She weighed about 240 pounds while giving birth to her daughter.

The 100-pound difference in weight for Jessica Simpson before and after was not the same as a typical amount of weight loss for anybody. Postpartum weight loss includes a lot of physical, mental, and hormonal changes.

She has always been honest with her confessions and insecurities with her fans. The business woman, Jessica Simpson’s diet is also the talk of the town. Her secret was a more holistic lifestyle approach, including a rigorous exercise routine and a weight-loss diet.

One Instagram post speaks aloud about her transformation which went through a lot of hardships and challenges as she was pregnant for the third time.

How Did Jessica Simpson Lose Weight: 7 Secrets

Even after knowing all these, the question that how did Jessica Simpson lose weight will keep arising in your mind. Here are a few of the delightful habits that she continues for maintaining good health and healthy living.

Walking 14,000 Steps Daily

Her trainer Pasternak has slowly incorporated walking into her routine. She started with merely 6000 steps a day after recovering from childbirth. It was gradually worked up to 14000 steps daily that she managed with either going for a walk with her kids or on the treadmill.

The Body Reset Diet

Eating a nutritious diet is a major part of the weight loss program. Jessica ate three meals and two snacks per day, following Pasternak’s Body Reset Diet plan. This plan is a well-rounded diet plan containing an adequate amount of protein, fiber, and fat.

Her meal prioritized lean proteins and vegetables. During her sweet craving moments, she used to chew on her trainer’s Sweetkick mint. At times, she also used to cheat a few meals for some party or date night.

Jessica’s Gym Sessions

Her 45 minutes gym session was scheduled for three days a week. Trainer Sydney Liebes was impressed by her dedication and determination during her workout sessions. She didn’t start with an intense workout until her doctor approved her to go ahead.

Jessica initiated a full-body workout with one set of exercises without concentrating on each body part. She gradually increased the intensity and time for her gym sessions.

Getting at Least Seven Hours of Sleep

Jessica’s success in weight management lies in good and quality sleep. She used to finish all the tasks for the day so that she can go to sleep with a feeling of contentment and a sense of fulfillment. Seven hours of sound sleep every night made it an easy process to gradually losing weight.

Unplugging from Technology

She balanced her responsibilities well although being a business woman. She made sure that she was unplugged from technology for one hour so that she can receive her peaceful sleep. Along with eating right and workout regimen, she maintained her digital detox theory through this activity.

Sent Progress Chart to Her Trainer

Jessica Simpson was continuously sending reports of her weight loss progress to her trainer throughout her transformation period. She gave detailed information so that Pasternak can keep a thorough track.

A Positive Attitude

Jessica was proud of her body and knew what her body can do. A positive attitude towards reaching a certain goal is necessary for all. Her weight loss program was really enjoyable and she felt fantastic while doing so.

Jessica’s attitude made all the difference creating lots of motivation and inspiration for all. She is looking a lot younger these days. If you want to follow her steps, be gentle to yourself, eat perfectly, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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