How Much Weight did Lily Lose for To The Bone?

How Much Weight did Lily Lose for To The Bone

The Netflix Original movie To The Bone is about a teenage girl named Ellen (role played by Lilly Collins), who is struggling with Anorexia, an eating disorder. The main character’s weight is a central theme of the story, so it’s only natural that many people were interested in how much weight did Lily lose for To The Bone movie.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Lily Collins’ weight-loss journey and reveal exactly how much weight did Lily lose to play anorexia.

How Much Weight did Lily Collins Lose for To The Bone Movie?

In her interview with the Glamour Magazine, Lily revelead that she has lost around 20lbs (9kg) to play an anorexic role in the movie.

Lily added that she has never been asked to lose a specific number of weight but she has managed to lose enough weight that is required for her anorexic role. For safe weight loss, she went through a regular check-ups and hired a nutritionist for the perfect diet and workout plan.

Lily Collins admits she was initially apprehensive about playing an anorexic woman after struggling with her own crippling eating disorder as a teen.

Despite hiring a nutritionist to help her lose weight safely for her role in To the Bone, the 28-year-old actress said she feared falling back into unhealthy patterns as eating disorder is a part of her past life.

According to reports, her mother Jill Tavelman has clearly denied to accept the role of Ellen, but still she played an anorexic for a greater purpose.

She said –

“There’s a fine line between, are you going to fall back into it, are you not? But I was so aware of why I was doing it — for a greater purpose — and also I was more mature.”

‘They hired a nutritionist, and we did it in the most healthy way possible. I had a lot of people…to be accountable for how I was doing it, and I had check-ups all the time,’

How Much Lily Weighed during the Movie?

Lily Collins, an American actress who rose to fame with her 2008 blockbuster movie, “Easy A,” is known for her ultra-slim figure. Her body measurements include a height of 5 feet 7 inches, a bust size of 36 inches and a waist size of 26 inches.

According to some sources, Lily got down to 80lbs for the role though she actually weighed around 95-100lbs. As far as BMI ratio is concered, she managed to take it down from 16/17 to 11/12 BMI.

Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me

Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me (Keywords: A book written by Lily Collins)
Unfiltered is a memoir written by Lily Collins. She has published this book just before few days she has been approached for the role of Ellen in To The Bone.

You can call it a co-incidence that right after the publication she got the call for an anorexia role, the same condition she has gone through in her teenage.

In her book she talks about her battles with mental health and addiction. She shares her story of battling an eating disorder and body dysmorphia for over few years of her teenage. This is not an easy read but it’s worth it to hear the struggles that Collins has gone through to get where she is today.

There were so many speculations claiming that she got little worried to play an anorexia as she assumed that it might get her back to the past from where she pulled herself up. However, she answered to all such rumors in one interview by citing that she played this role with a bigger vision.

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In brief, this was all about how much did Lily lose for To The Bone and the way she masnaged her weight in a healthier manner to play a role of an annorexia.

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