The Green Superfood: How to Add Hemp in Your Diet

How to Add Hemp in Your Diet

Known as an extremely versatile and nutrient-rich food, hemp can bring you all sorts of health benefits. Incorporating hemp into your diet can ensure you are getting the essential minerals and vitamins each day. Here are just a few ways on how you can add hemp into your diet.

Easy Ways on How to Add Hemp in your Diet

Sprinkle Over Your Food

One way to incorporate hemp into your diet is by sprinkling it over your meals. To do this, all you will need is 1 tbsp of hemp seeds that you can distribute over your food. Whether it be a full meal or simply a side salad, hemp seeds can enhance the flavor of your meal, adding a delicious nutty taste.

Also, 1 tbsp of hemp seeds consists of 5.3g of protein and totals 13% of your daily intake of iron.

Adding Hemp Oil to Your Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, you may not realize that hemp can also be added to your cup, giving you the caffeine fix you need.

With bulletproof coffees being everywhere at present, the theory is that beginning your day with healthy fats is incredibly beneficial for metabolism efficiency, energy, and cognitive function.

Research has proven that consuming essential fatty acids (which are found in hemp oil) can influence fat loss over time.

Bulletproof coffees are typically made up of MCT oil, ghee, or grass-fed butter. Stirring one tablespoon of hemp oil into this coffee mix can make a huge difference.

When buying hemp online, there are various products and offers available that you can take advantage of, helping save you money.

Stir in Coconut Yogurt

Another way you can incorporate hemp into your diet is by stirring hemp seeds into coconut yogurt. If you are wanting a quick and simple breakfast, using a tablespoon of hemp seeds can provide you with all the protein you need, leaving you with a delicious protein snack.

There are also ways to bulk up your meal such as by adding seasonal fruit and granola into your coconut yogurt too.

Mixing Hemp Into Your Smoothies

If you tend to drink smoothies daily, you can also add a tablespoon of hemp to enhance the flavor and give you your recommended daily protein. Hemp protein is incredibly easy for the body to digest.

Also, hemp protein contains the perfect balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acid ratio. It is an easy way to bring extra flavor and protein to your daily smoothies.

Using Hemp Flour for Baking

Not only is hemp flour high in fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, it is also gluten free. Hemp flour has a nutty flavor, making it a fantastic addition to your baking recipes. Whether you want to make muffins or pancakes, incorporating hemp flour into the mix can see you gain a whole host of nutritional benefits. Hemp can be added to any sweet or savory recipe.

If you are not yet familiar with hemp, make sure that you start by adding half the amount of flour that the recipe states with hemp flour. Once you feel more comfortable, you can begin to increase the amount of hemp flour you use.

Hemp is one of many green superfoods that give you a wide range of health and nutritional benefits. With so many ways on how you can incorporate hemp into your diet, whether it be by using hemp flour, hemp oil or hemp seeds, you are sure to find a route that is suitable for you.

Also, ensure that you use the recommended amount of hemp as stated above to ensure you receive the full benefits.

Written by Nyk

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