How to Apply Liquid Foundation with Brush and Sponge?

How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Here, I have explained the step by step guide of how to apply liquid foundation using sponge and brush which might surely interest you. No matter, what method you will choose to wear liquid foundation, it should suit your skin. Thus, you should know the exact process of putting on any makeup.

Ever wonder how someone’s makeup can give her a perfect, smooth, and air-brushed look?

You may not be a makeup expert but you have a lot of passion for it and spend hours of effort to attain a perfect base.

If you are trying to find some ways to learn how to wear liquid foundation? Then here you will get to collect some knowledge.

One of the basic products related to makeup is a liquid foundation. If you are a newbie applying liquid foundation then it can become a tricky job, compared to cream and mousse foundations.

Now if you love liquid foundation, the next level is to determine with what to apply – be it with brush or sponge.

Let me tell you in advance that there is no right or wrong method for application. Both ways have their pros and cons.

Follow both the ways of how to put on liquid foundation and decide which is more beneficial for you.

Let’s Check the both ways one by one…

How To Apply Liquid Foundation With A Sponge?

Wear Liquid Foundation with Sponge
Wear Liquid Foundation with Sponge

The two most important things that you need are primer and foundation of your choice.

Primers are used to even out the skin and build a smooth surface for easy application of the foundation. It also helps to maintain a longer duration of the makeup to stay.

Try to choose your favorite foundation that suits your skin type and tone.

Now follow below steps –

Step 1: Select The Correct Sponge For Yourself

The most favored sponges used for the liquid foundation are the egg-shaped sponges (also known as beauty blender).

They are made of antimicrobial foam. They are also perfect for blending purposes. Go for your favorite brand and generic variety.

Step 2: Cleanse And Moisturize Your Entire Face And Neck

You can apply your regular products for cleansing your face and neck followed by the application of moisturizer.

Leave it for some time to let it absorb.

Step 3: Apply The Primer

This is the time when you can apply the primer evenly to get the perfect base for makeup.

Step 4: Dampen The Sponge

Let the sponge immerse in water completely. Take it out when fully wet. Squeeze it several times to let the excess water go.

You can also use your towel to wrap it and remove extra water from it. Remember the sponge should be damp but not too wet.

Now it’s time for the foundation

Are you still thinking about the choice of foundation? Then add some more points before going to any conclusion.

Choose thoughtfully keeping the following factors in mind – the season, the occasion, and the time of the day.

Pour a small amount of foundation on the palette of your choice or on the back of your hand.

Lightly, dip the base of the sponge into the liquid foundation.

Step 6: Dab The Foundation

Quick dabbing motion is the ideal way for the application instead of rubbing it on the skin. Start from the nose area, then to cheeks and continue with tiny, quick motions to cover the entire face.

You can use the larger side of the sponge to apply on the forehead, jawline, and cheeks.

To get a fuller coverage and even skin texture, press the sponge with foundation onto the skin. Rubbing will result in creating lines and uneven application to various areas of your face.

Use the pointed part of the sponge for application on the smaller areas like areas near to the nose and eyes.

Step 7: Blend The Edges

You should use a stippling or bouncing motion while applying on the jawline, hairline, and areas near the ears. Press the foundation and blend it properly.

Step 8: Wait For 2-3 Minutes

This is for the settling of the foundation. Allow yourself 2 -3 minutes for it. Then continue with your entire makeup and get ready to receive compliments for your look.

Finally, you need to clean your sponge thoroughly in water, squeeze it, and allow it to dry. You would also require cleaning it with soap or shampoo in regular intervals to avoid bacterial growth which can cause skin irritations.

How To Put On Liquid Foundation With A Brush?

How to Put On Liquid Foundation With Brush
How to Put On Liquid Foundation With Brush

Using a foundation brush can give you a flawless finish. It is recommended to opt for a foundation brush.

But remember, the type of brush depends on the look you are flaunting.

Follow below steps –

Step 1: Choose The Right Brush For The Look

For a full coverage look, use a dense and flat foundation brush.

Use a buffing brush for medium coverage to create a more natural look.

Use a stippling brush for a moderate coverage of the foundation.

Step 2: Cleanse & Moisturize Your Face And Neck Followed By The Application Of The Primer

Follow the steps given above for it.

Step 3: Take A Small Portion Of Foundation In Your Hand

Pour out a dime-sized amount of your choice of foundation on the back of your hand. Dip the end of the bristles of your brush into it.

Step 4: Apply The Foundation Using A Light Touch & Not Paint It On

There is a particular pattern to start from the nose to the cheeks, followed by chin and forehead.

You should start using a stippling, circular motion in short and quick circles for application with the brush.

Start working from the center of the face to the edges.

Step 5: Blend The Edges First And Then Let It Set

Blend the jawline, hairline and areas near the ears with a stippling motion.

Wait for 2 to 3 minutes to set your foundation. Then continue your makeup with translucent finishing powder for your face to shine bright and beautiful.

Finally, clean your brush with a tissue. Use water and mild shampoo once a week to remove any remaining foundation.

Remember, you can always apply liquid foundation with your finger too but try to avoid doing it if you have oily skin.

Another vital thing is to keep your skin smooth by exfoliating on a regular basis. Try to incorporate the above steps into your makeup routine and rediscover yourself with a new you.

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