How to Burn 200 Calories in Less Than 30 Minutes?

How to Burn 200 Calories

This is your ultimate list of exercises when it comes to burn 200 calories in just 30 minutes.

Tired of trying different exercises and not getting appropriate results? Working out is tough but if you know where to start from and what works for you, it becomes a little easy for you. Finding exercises that would not take hours are the best if they work for your body.

In this article, we have listed 11 exercises you can try to burn 200 calories in just few minutes.

There are a lot of exercises that help to reduce weight or burn calories but there are very few that helps to burn calories within 30 minutes.

You can perform these exercises inside, outside, even in the gym. You can also practice these exercises at home and hit the gym with confidence after that. These exercises are easy to perform and are effective.

People who want to know that how to burn 200 calories in 30 minutes are at luck right now for reading this.

Following exercises will help you to reduce 200 calories in less than 30 minutes –

How to Burn 200 Calories: 11 Exercises You Can Try

Rope Jumping

It seems like what would this exercise do but you can lose a lot of calories with the help of jumping rope.

If you want to shed away extra fat and burn calories quickly you must do this exercise daily and you will feel the difference in your body.

Do Swimming

Swimming is a really popular exercise that is known for burning calories. You can burn a lot of calories by swimming a few laps. It works like running or cycling when it comes to burning calories.

You should swim daily for about 10 minutes and you will be able to see positive results in your body.


Squats are one of the best exercises when it comes to burning calories. It is difficult but is the most promising and effective exercise.

You should do squats regularly for about 10 minutes and in no time you will see the results. You’ll see extra fat and calories out of your way.

Climbing Stairs

Using stairs is way better than waiting for the elevator.

It helps to burn calories and is also healthy. Using stairs or say working out on stairs is easy and you’ll enjoy doing it. There are a lot of exercises that you can perform on the stairs.

There are plenty of gyms that have climbing stair exercises in it as it is popular for burning calories.

Rock Climbing

By climbing a rock you can burn a lot of calories, you can burn fat around your thighs, shoulders, waist, etc. You can grab 5-6 friends of yours and make it a fun activity for routine. This way you can enjoy it and burn calories at the same time.

You can do it for 30 minutes to burn calories.


Running is one of the most popular ways to burn calories. You can also make modifications to this exercise. You can go jogging, slow running, fast running, etc. You must do running for a healthy heart and body. You can run for about 30 minutes to burn calories.


People think of hiking as one of the adventures, you can also do hiking as an exercise. Hiking is best for body workout.

Hiking encourages your body to use all the muscles that you do not use daily. Using all the muscles at a time will help you to burn calories and shed extra fat from your body.

Martial Arts

You can do martial art on a routine basis. It supports you to use different body muscles that you may not use regularly. It will help eliminate calories from your body. You will see quick results if you perform it daily. Martial arts are very effective and are a unique way to burn calories.


Cycling could easily become a habit once you think of doing it daily. You can enjoy cycling and burn calories at the same time. You can also make a friend group for cycling and do cycle races and many more fun activities. You will see the quick results if you will do it with all your heart.


Jumping is fun and it also eliminates calories.

Jumping includes a lot of exercises; you can make changes in jumping exercise if you get bored by doing the same. You can do jumping jack or box jumping if you are bored with regular jumping.


The kettlebell has a handle at the top of it; it is in a ball shape.  It is the best exercise for beginners if you are planning to go to the gym. You can simply perform this at home by purchasing a kettlebell. It is not necessary to join a gym for doing kettlebell exercises.

Bottom Line

You will find a lot of exercises on the internet that will help you to burn calories but there are very few exercises that are helpful and do not take a lot of time.

Burning 200 calories in 30 minutes is amazing because some of the exercises take a lot of time and are not helpful at all.

You can perform these exercises at home without spending money at the gym and get quick and promising results.

There are many calorie-burning exercises out there but if you want quick results you should choose these exercises which we have listed after researching a lot about them.

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