How to Choose the Right Fitness Supplements

Anybody who entered a gym at least once in his life has heard of fitness supplements. They are used by bodybuilders and athletes on a daily basis, and even people who go to gym just to stay in shape use them. Fitness supplements come in various forms, tablets, capsules, powder, and liquid. Nowadays there are so many different supplements, and every one of them has its purpose. Some of them will make you leaner, some stronger, and some are there to simply get you through an exhausting workout. You don’t need all of them, so which ones do you actually need to use?

The Goal

Couple of things every weightlifter should know, no amount of supplements can substitute a bad diet. And also supplements are not substitute for food they are supposed to be taken in addition with food. Since there are many different types of supplements, you must know what your goal is. For example, if you are looking to increase muscle gains you will opt for whey protein, L-glutamine, amino acids.
Or if you want to lose fat, the right choice for you are fat burners, appetite suppressants, carb blockers. The right supplement is the one that is going to help you reach your fitness goal. But keep in mind that even the best supplementation is not going to help you if you don’t put it the hard work and be disciplined about your diet.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil Supplements
Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil is one of the best ways to feed your body with Omega-3 fatty acids and EFA (essential fatty acids). Good fish oils are high in EPA and DHA. This supplement will keep your joints safe and flexible, and keep your brain and its function from deteriorating. It usually comes in two forms, liquid and pill, and is one of the most essential fitness supplements.


If you want your body to be a well-oiled machine then you have to give it the right vitamins and minerals. Think of these vitamins as screws in that machine, with one of them missing the machine will break. If you are not taking enough of some vitamins your health can decline as well as your athletic performance. With various choices, the best choice is to go with natural fitness supplements, these are usually made with organic ingredients and without any harmful chemicals.

Whey Protein

Whey Protein
Whey Protein

One of the best protein powders among supplements. Whey protein contains all 9 amino acids and it can promote protein synthesis and increase the lean tissue mass while weightlifting. It comes in two forms, concentrate which is cheaper and contain more carbohydrates. And isolates which are more expensive, but they are absorbed better and faster than the previous.


This substance can be found in human bodies. It will help us get through a high intensity workout. Creatine’s main use is to fuel our bodies and give us energy. It will help you keep up with your workout, speed up the recovery while working out and after. This supplement can be found mainly in fish and red meat. This is both pre and post workout supplement in the form of a pill or powder.


BCAA’s , or branched chain amino acids, are essential amino acids that our bodies need. Human bodies can’t produce them on their own, so it can be beneficial to buy this supplement. The BCAA’s are very small and can go through your bloodstream and straight to your muscles. Their main role is to build and repair muscle tissues. They can be consumed as a pill, powder, liquid or a tablet, it is up to you.

The important thing to remember is to buy the supplements you actually need to achieve your goal. There are many choices in the market and it is up to you to try them out and see which one fits your needs the best.