How to Deal with Guilt by Practicing Yoga (5 Poses)

How to Deal with Guilt

In this write up, I will show you the 5 most effective yoga poses you can practice to deal with guilt, either could be due to the feeling of cheating or shame.

Guilt is a feeling that originates out of remorse. It may be due to the past actions that you still think was inappropriate.

This feeling causes you to evaluate what went wrong in that situation. Could you have acted differently to avert a disaster? What could be your course of action if the situation presented again?

We all experience such feeling of guilt at some point of life and thus we all need to learn the way to get rid of guilt.

You may take simple corrective steps like saying sorry to the persons whom you wronged or more involved actions such as undoing or compensating for the mistake.

Once corrected, healthy guilt disappears on its own.

However the same is not true for the unhealthy guilt.

All of us have experiences of not being able to help someone in distress. Or getting promoted over your peers! Or having to let go of certain responsibility to do something more essential!

You take logical decisions during these events.

However, once the situation passes you are left with guilt of not acting ideally or with a feeling of self-loathing or wondering whether you really deserved that promotion.

And since you are unable to act any differently in the future, this sense of guilt keeps lingering in the back of our heads.

This sort of guilt is highly destructive since it forebears depression and damages one’s self-esteem.

It is then highly imperative to know how to deal with guilt.

The typical symptoms for depression are disturbed sleep patterns, unhealthy eating habits, abnormal meal timings, excessive mood swings, and staying isolated for long hours.

Sometimes, how to deal with guilt and shame, both become so difficult and thus to deal with that medical help becomes the ultimate solution.

The power of yoga is outstanding and it works like wonders especially for your mental health. It is way better than to opt for antidepressants given by medical practitioners.

The positivity of yoga also helps in how to deal with guilt of cheating in a natural and simple way. It will relax your mind, reduce your anxiety, and make you focus on the good aspects of life.

Here are five proven yoga poses you must try to deal with the feeling of guilt –

How to Deal with Guilt: 5 Asanas Come in Aid

1. Child’s Pose

Go back to your childhood days when you used to stay happy all the time. This pose will recreate a child’s most relaxed pose. You will feel soothing and achieve peace while being in this posture.

Step 1:

You need to sit on your knees.

Step 2:

While exhaling, bring down your torso slowly in between your thighs.

Step 3:

Put your hands on the floor and let the shoulders fall on the floor.

2. Legs Up The Wall Pose

This pose comes under sweet release poses. In this kind of poses, the body usually relaxes in a restful position without doing anything.

Here, your body is still, so let all the thoughts that are bothering you flow out of your mind. Soon, all the heaviness will melt away and purify your energies.

Step 1:

Lie in front of the wall of your room.

Step 2:

Put a pillow under your hips to give an elevation.

Step 3:

Raise both your legs and rest it against the wall in a perpendicular position. Remain in this position for about 20 minutes for the best results. Keep breathing normally.

3. Butterfly/Bound Angle Posture (Baddha Konasana)

The Butterfly pose, also known as the Cobbler pose owing to the posture to sit, is a mind-blowing antidepressant pose. It improves emotional stability while engaging in your groin area. This asana is suggested to be done during the early hours of the morning or in an empty stomach.

Step 1:

Sit while keeping your back straight upright.

Step 2:

Keep your knees bent on both sides and join both the feet ends together in between.

Step 3:

Deeply inhale before starting. Start flapping your knees on both the sides together like a butterfly.

Keep breathing normally. You can keep doing the asana for 10 minutes or till the time your legs are comfortable.

4. Happy Baby Pose (Ananda Balasana)

From the name itself, you get the idea that you have to pose like a baby. And the best part is while doing so; you are actually doing yoga to relax your body and mind. You will feel the happiness within.

Step 1:

Lie on your back.

Step 2:

Bring both the knees close to your stomach. Automatically, your feet will come in hands distance.

Step 3:

Hold both your feet with your hands.

If it is difficult to hold, try holding the ankles first. And then gradually move your hands to hold your heels after a few days of practice. You can also rock from one side to another while staying in this pose. Keep your breathing normal.

5. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

If stress and anxiety are bothering you for long, you should try this pose. This asana helps to maintain your blood pressure level within the normal range. Your body would shape like a bridge while doing this yoga.

Step 1:

You need to lie flat on the yoga mat keeping your face up and both the hands on their sides.

Step 2:

Bring both legs close to your hips as your knees will be up.

Step 3:

While inhaling, slowly raise your hips upwards.

Step 4:

Bring it down and repeat it.

Most of the yoga exercises give the best healing effects when practiced in the morning. You can target to kick-start your day with these.

We often fail to understand the root cause of our emotions. So, it is always good to start a friendship between your body and mind. These small changes in your life will bring positivity and hope. Finally, you will be able to deal with guilt successfully.

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