How to Do More Pull Ups: Best Workout Plan You Need

How to Do More Pull Ups

Do you ever think will I ever be doing a pull up properly? A lot of people believe that you can test your strength by the way you perform pull ups. It shows if you are strong enough to handle your body weight.

If you are the one who wants to know how to do more pull ups in the right way, you are at the perfect platform. After going through a lot of information on the same, we’ve come up with this informative article for you.

Pull up exercises are considered to be tough yet most promising.

If you want to be in proper shape, you should perform pull ups as it will strengthen your body to perform all the other difficult exercises.

If you are one of those who cannot even do a pull up, you should stand on a chair and do it. It’s the best way to perform it as a beginner.

One needs to make up his/her mind to perform pull ups. Pull ups take a lot of strength but not giving up is important for people who want to perform it like a pro.

How to do More Pull Ups Like a Pro?

Using a chair to do a pull up will help you perform it with ease as you will be able to make balance. Do it as many times as you can and you will be able to do it without a chair in no time. This will help you strengthen your upper back and shoulders.

Push yourself with each day. Suppose if you are doing 3 sets of 5 pull ups, increase it by 4 sets, and 5 the next day.

Do it until you are not fatigued. This way you will be able to perform more pull ups every day. This will help you to gain more stamina and strength.

There you go; these tips will make sure you can do more pull ups than ever…

Best Workout Plan to Perform More Pull Ups

If you want to do a pull up like a pro, you should keep reading the article as we have collected the best pull up workout plans.

You should follow the best workout plan to perform pull ups like a pro.

Pull ups are not that difficult but not that easy.

You can perform this exercise but you need a good workout plan to do it.

And, here you go….

Beginner Level

Beginners always wonder if they’ll ever be able to do pull ups like a pro. One day you all will indeed be able to perform them.

For beginners, the following exercises are mentioned so that they can perform pull ups properly.

  • Hold a dumbbell

Stand in the positions that your arms are at your side with your feet shoulder-width apart. Now, hold a dumbbell in your hands. Hold it for about 30 seconds and repeat it 3 times.

  • Scap-ups

Stand in a regular pull up position with hand shoulders with apart, raise your body but without bending your arms.

Intermediate Level

You can perform the exercises mentioned here if you can perform a pull up already.  To perform pull ups under this section, you should do the beginner level exercises first.

Beginners are not recommended to perform the exercises mentioned below.

  • Planks

First of all, you need to place your hands on the floor, keeping your legs and shoulders straight. Hold in the same positions for about 60 seconds. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

  • Hollow hold bananas

Lie on the floor, keeping your face up. Keep your arms straight forehead, lower back flat on the ground. Hold in the same position for 15 seconds and repeat the exercise for 5 times.

Advanced Level

This is the level which is performed by pro-people.

The exercises that cover under advanced level are difficult and are not advised to the beginners.

If you are sure that you can perform the advanced level then you can perform the following exercises.

  • Bottom-up press through kettlebell

Take a kettlebell in your right hand in an upside-down position. Keep the bell balanced towards the ceiling and press the kettlebell.  Repeat the exercise for 15 times with each hand then change the hand.

  • Empty bar 100s

Take an empty barbell, keep your elbow close to your body. Now, you need to curl the bar as many times as you can while maintaining safety.

These were the best workout plans from level to level. You can check out the level you are at and perform the exercises as per that. You can be a pro once you start from the beginner level properly. If you are strong from the beginning you will be stronger till you reach the pro level.


You may not be able to perform the first pull up properly, but with the time you will be able to do it like a pro.

Everything takes time so does the correct workout. You need to learn the proper way and manner to perform it and there you go.

If you are the one who wants to perform more pull ups easily, you can do it but you need to learn the proper technique to master it.

A person needs to make up his/her mind to perform the pull up as is it not easy and it takes a lot of strength. You may give up sometimes but just know that you can do it, it just takes time.

Was this information on how to do more pull ups is helpful? If yes, then don’t forget to share with others on social media and let the help to master this strength boosting exercise.

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