Exercises for Feet

How to Do Physical Therapy Exercises For Feet?


The human foot is also an important part of the body with the most weight. And, it’s hard to avoid foot pain or diagnosed foot problems at some point in your life. There are many foot problems you may suffer from such as bunions, fallen arches, pronation, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, and cramping muscles. In order to fix these problems, you should perform foot exercises to stretch the muscles as well as reduce tension. In addition to choosing the right shoes, you should also know how to do physical therapy exercises for the feet.

Performing Foot Strengthening Exercises

Seek Advice

It’s important to get advice from your doctor or podiatrist when you have any foot or ankle pain. If you don’t find the way to treat the pain, you may have to get a fracture. Also, you may suffer from discoloration, bruising, or swelling. You have to even seek medical treatment to get an X-ray that helps to confirm this possibility.

Try Toe Lifts

First, you should sit in a chair with your feet. Then, try toe lifts up off the floor slightly while you leave the other four down. Do this until you can rise up all five toes. It’s ideal, to begin with, the big toe and end with the fifth toe. Continue practicing lowering each toe one at a time. You need to begin this with the fifth toe and end with the big toe.

Do Toe Curls

Use a towel. Then, put it on the ground under your right foot. To continue, you need to stretch your toes out and pull them back in. That helps to grip the material with your toes. After that, you lift the cloth one to two inches as well as hold it for five seconds. Last, lower the cloth to the ground. Do this for five times. And, do the same for the left side.

Pick up Marbles

Use 20 marbles and a small bowl. Place them on the ground. You should sit in a chair for a relaxation. pick up one marble as well as put it in the bowl by one foot. Then, do the same for your other foot after you empty the marbles out. It’s not only strengthen the intrinsic but also extrinsic muscles in the feet. Moreover, it helps to prevent you from plantar fasciitis, injury to the great toe caused by hyperextension, or injuries like turf toe.

Write the Alphabet

You should sit on the couch to relax. Then, extend one foot as well as raise another one several inches off the ground. Use your big toe to trace the alphabet in the air with a pencil. And, do the same for the opposite big toe. Thanks to this exercise, you can strengthen the extensor as well as flexor muscles in the foot.

Do a Toe Extension

Use a rubber band to wrap around the middle of all five of your toes. Do this on the right foot. Then, you stretch all toes apart. This will stretch the band as far as it will go. Keep them for five seconds and make a relaxation for your toes. Practice for five times on each foot.

Do Resistant Ankle Inversion

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs out in front of you. Use a stationary object to attach one end of a therapy band. You can use the leg a heavy table. Make sure the table is beside you. It’s also down at your feet. The other end of the band has to be looped around the ball of your foot. Then, remove the table leg to the side. It’s great to use the band for resistance. Last, you need to move your ankle away from the table. At the same time, pull against the band in order to stretch it out.

Perform Resistant Ankle Eversion

This is the same as the inversion. Sit on your floor and stretch your legs out in front of you. Then, you move the loop of the resistance band down in order to against the arch of the foot. Last, you need to move your foot up in order to against the therapy band.

Doing Foot and Ankle Stretching Exercises

Test your Ankle Range of Motion

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs straight out in front of you. You point your feet back towards your body and don’t move your legs. Hold them for 10 seconds. Then, you point them down away from your body and hold them for more 10 seconds. Next, you have to point toes towards the opposite foot. Also, hold them for 10 seconds. Moreover, point the toes away from the opposite foot for 10 more seconds. Last, you move your ankles clockwise as well as counterclockwise. Practice 10 times for each.

Do Plantar Flexion

This stretch is the same as the warm up. However, the stretch is more targeted. Sit on the couch and straight your feet out in front of you. Then, you need to flex the feet back towards while you are keeping your legs flat on the ground. In order to move your toes and heels in a straight line, you need to keep your feet extended. Hold it for five times. Last, you just need to push your toes away from the body as well as relax.

Perform a Standing Calf Stretch

Stand to face the wall and rest your hand on the wall for balance. Then, you step forward with one of your hand. At the same time, you bend the knee slightly. Next, you stretch another one behind you in order to rest your heel on the floor. Last, you can slowly into the wall as well as hold it for 15–30 seconds. Practice for 3 times.


When having foot problems, many people usually think about the help of shoes, insoles, socks, and so on. However, you also need to understand the importance of physical therapy for your feet. Indeed, physical therapy for feet is really essential to keep your feet working at peak efficiency.

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