How To Eat The Alkaline Way (#7 Principles You Can Follow)

How to Eat Alkaline

Eating healthy and nutritious food everyday doesn’t seem to be a practical idea and thus, different diet trends are proposed to get us on the track of a healthy lifestyle. While many diet trends focus on achieving weight loss while cutting calories and following the diet that can make people starve, the alkaline diet recommends dieters to eat healthy and nutritious to stay fit.

The best part about this diet is that you can eat as much as you want but you have to make healthier food choices. Fortunately. there are so many easy to prepare alkaline recipes available that you can try at home. Also, the alkaline diet emphasizes eliminating acidic foods and consuming more alkaline foods to enjoy plentiful health benefits.

So you have made up your mind to detoxify your body and take up the alkaline diet. You might be wondering about how to follow the alkaline diet and eat alkaline. Let’s find out:

Seven Ways on How to Eat Alkaline

In the alkaline diet, what you eat is more important because the goal of this diet is to detoxify the body. To make the most of this diet, you can unwrap the 7 principles mentioned below:

1. Keep an Eye on the Acidic Value of the Foods and Make Wise Choices

While consuming the alkaline diet, the first thing is to eat more alkaline foods and reduce the consumption of acidic foods. If you have already made up your mind and want to take the alkaline diet, make a list of the foods that you will have to consume throughout the diet and remove all the foods that have a large acidic value.

You should be clearly aware of what to eat and what not to, to follow this diet correctly.

2. Consume More and More Raw Alkaline Throughout The Day

You will be able to extract the best results from this diet if you eat more and more raw alkaline foods. Raw spinaches, raw fruits, raw vegetables will make your body efficient and strong at fighting acid.

Instead of frying, choose boiling, roasting or raw foods. This will not only save your time but will also help you cut down some acidic and processed foods automatically.

Replace your meals as pasta salad instead of pizza, a bowl of hummus instead of cookies and coffee. Not only you will save calories but you will also feel full and energetic throughout the day.

3. Set Your Prime Focus on Hydration / Water

Water is such a magical element that will help you gain the maximum benefits from your diet routine. Consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day will detoxify your body and prevent fatigue. Alkaline water will enhance your alkalizing efforts and will improve metabolism.

To get enough water, buy a sipper or bottle that you can carry everywhere you go. Keep a track of how much water you consumed already and how much you need more. This will support your diet and will help you get better results for weight loss and for other good reasons.

4. Eat 70-80% Alkaline Foods

Sometimes, it is quite hectic to stick to a diet because it takes away all the foods we are habituated to eat. While having so much tempting acidic food all around us, it is quite impossible to completely eliminate acidic food from the diet, at least in the beginning.

Also if you are not looking for short-term benefits of the diet but are looking forward to make it your food lifestyle, you need to prepare a plan.

The fact that you will have to give up all your favorite foods might make you give up the diet and thus, take the liberty of eating some acidic foods.

However, make sure that acidic foods do not dominate the ratio of alkaline foods. Eating 80% alkaline foods will also give your body a major change and detox thus, keep measuring the portions.

5. Balance Your Meal by Adding the Celebrity Alkaline Ingredients

There are some celebrity ingredients in alkaline diet such as almonds, seeds, turmeric, chia seeds, etc. these ingredients highly enrich your meals with ample of nutrients and thus, you should fill your meals with these foods.

Choose some immunity boosting ingredients that you can add in your meals and these simple add-ons will nourish the impact of the entire diet.

6. Make Sure You Get All the Essential Nutrients

The alkaline diet focuses on the consumption of highly nutritious foods. This means you will have to balance your carb, protein, vitamin and mineral content. Eat a wide variety of whole foods, plant-based foods for vitamins, iron, complex carbs, 15-20% protein, legumes, and nuts to boost energy levels.

Divide your meals into nutrient rich meals. Add some probiotic drinks and plenty of fiber in your meals. This will create a balanced diet for your alkaline diet routine and you will be able to follow the diet without depriving your body of important nutrients.

7. Pack Your Lunch and With Fresh Foods

When you get hungry, you get tempted to eat the foods that you have in your surroundings. Don’t let this habit ruin your alkaline diet plan.

If you are leaving your home, pack your lunch at home to avoid any other temptations. Fill your lunch pack with healthy vegetables, fresh fruits, soups, salads etc. Get the most of your cooking while pairing different combinations that you like. Pay attention in combining the foods if you constantly feel bloated, face acid reflux or feel heartburns often.

To Sum Up

It is not difficult to follow the alkaline diet if you are willing to accept it as a lifestyle and are willing to get all of its benefits. Once you start the diet, the temptation of consuming acidic food will be replaced by the joy of watching your body getting improved. Make sure you get all the right nutrients from your meals to fight the acid build-up in your stomach.

Written by Nyk

Hey All, this is Nyk father of two kids. Dish for Diet is an outcome of my passion for fitness. I have started this diet and fitness blog to share my experience and thoughts about diet, fitness, and nutrition. I am not an expert but an enthusiast trying to follow a healthy lifestyle. Stay with me to stay inspired with what I usually do :)