How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat Naturally at Home?

What is Visceral Fat?

Since the past few years, the craze for physical fitness has vitally increased. Every now and then, there are new fitness trends people choose to make their bodies fit and healthy. Among such fitness trends, “Visceral Fat Loss” or “Active Fat Loss” has become an attention seeking subject nowadays.

So what it is? In medical terms, visceral fat is the fat stocked up in the abdominal area. This type of fat is considered to be a dangerous fat type as it surrounds and accumulates some important internal organs like the liver, intestines and pancreas.

Somewhat fat is necessary for our body but if your body tends to build the visceral fat that builds up in the arteries, and disarms the functioning of your vital organs, it becomes harmful. If you have a little fat in your belly, it might not be visceral fat but if you have a huge fat build-up around your belly and other body parts, you should take some steps to fight it.

Why Should Take Visceral Fat Loss Seriously?

The visceral fat surrounds many of the important internal organs of our body and increases the risk of health issues. Not only the organs but the functioning of the growth hormones are also affected and thus, this kind of fat needs your attention. Here are the other health risks of visceral fat:

  • The main reason why visceral fat is considered highly dangerous because it promotes insulin resistance which directly leads to type 2 diabetes and glucose intolerance.
  • The long-term risk also includes Alzheimer’s disease
  • The visceral fat is believed to bring colorectal cancer or breast cancer
  • High visceral fat in the abdominal area can lead to heart disease

How Can Harmful Fat Be Detected or Measured?

  • The CT scan or MRI scans can detect visceral fat. Also as per a study launched by Harvard, 10% of the entire body’s fat is the visceral fat. So if you want to identify it, check your body fat percentage and 10% of it is visceral fat.
  • Apart from this, there is another method to identify if you are at a risk of deathly disease. For women, if your waist measurement is more than 35 inches, you might face more health issues due to visceral fat. The same thing applies to men having a waist measurement of more than 40 inches. The visceral fat is rated on the scale from 1 to 59 and if your visceral fat rate is more than 13, you need to change your lifestyle.

How to Get Rid of Visceral Fat?

It is not important to go for tests if you can visibly note your belly growing day by day and if you are gaining weight in several parts of your body. You can plan to reduce belly fat and overall body fat by accepting certain lifestyle changes such as in diet and workout routine and you will automatically start reducing your visceral fat levels.

Remember, with each pound you shed, you also lose a little bit of the visceral fat stored in your body. If your weight is more than the ideal weight, if your waist measures more than 35 inches, and you are willing to reduce the amount of fat in your body, here’s what you can do:

Bring Some Initial Changes in your Diet

Fortunately, dietary changes have a great impact on reducing the levels of visceral fat in your body. Clearly, the foods with high fat content and high sugar content can make you obese or gain more visceral fat. So you need to avoid these foods and consume all the foods filled with complex carbs and multiple nutrients.

  • Eat whole grains, legumes, pulses and lentils
  • Munch on fresh fruits, berries and naturally sweet foods
  • Eat raw or cooked vegetables. Choose cooked and baked vegetables instead of fried foods
  • Eat lean proteins, beans and probiotics
  • Choose olive oil instead of the other fatty oils
  • Avoid processed foods, alcohol and packaged goods

Schedule a Workout Routine

One of the most trusted and recommended ways to fight visceral fat is to workout daily. If you don’t exercise at all, start working out. Plan your workout schedule and start burning calories to burn the visceral fat.

  • If you don’t workout at all, engage 30 minutes into walking. Once you become comfortable with exercising, change your workout routines on weekly basis.
  • Start with your favourite form of cardio. Start running, jogging, swimming, aerobic workouts, biking. These workouts will help you lose weight and burn fat quickly
  • Don’t limit yourself to cardio once you get habituated with working out. You have to blend strength training, HIIT, cardio etc to burn more calories and build stronger muscles
  • For strength training, you can do weighted squats, deadlifts, pushups, bench presses etc
  • Sweat for 30-60 minutes compulsorily everyday to banish the harmful fat and loose at least 1 pound every week

Try Some Home Remedies for Visceral Fat

A lot of people wonder how to lose visceral fat. Well, people who have an extremely high rate of bad fat undergo surgeries as per the recommendation of doctors. This happens in intense cases but if you have a moderate amount of visceral fat, you can lose fat naturally.

  • Drink up to 15 glasses of water daily. This will support your dietary and workout changes
  • Choose small size portions and eat frequently instead of the 3-course meals
  • Stress is also a strong reason that causes fat gain and thus, meditates and de-stress to burn fat naturally
  • Sleep for 6-8 hours a day to calm down your body and muscles
  • Limit your fat and carb intake to burn more fat

Visceral is fat is not easily visible. People who don’t look extremely fat might have more visceral fat and thus, maintaining a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right foods and the right workouts will simply protect you from the harmful disease.