How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle at the Same Time?

How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

The biggest mistake people commit while getting in shape is that they choose a single goal of either shedding weight or body tightening by muscle gain. However, it is possible as well as important to achieve both these goals simultaneously to not only lose fat but also to give a stunning shape to your body. In this article, we will discuss the three most effective ways to lose fat and gain muscle and lead a completely healthy lifestyle.

While you start exercising on daily basis, it is important for you to note that you burn fat and not your muscles for energy. Thus, your entire plan should revolve around building muscles and losing fat for achieving a healthier body.

So, is it possible to achieve both these goals simultaneously? Probably, a lot of people think it is impossible while on the other hand, a lot of people state that it is possible to achieve these 2 goals with hard work.

Let’s understand the anatomy behind fat loss and muscle gain and dig out how it can be done.

What are the Factors that Work Behind Muscle Building and Fat Loss?

There are some common factors that work for both, muscle building and fat loss. While focusing on these factors, you can achieve your goals. If you are wondering how to gain muscle and lose fat, these are the common factors to consider:

  • High-protein and high-carb diet plans
  • Heavy and compound weight lifting
  • Pre-workout and post-workout nutrition
  • Eating protein before bed for better protein synthesis
  • Limiting cardio and choosing different high impact workouts

3 Ways on How to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle

A proper planning can help you to attain your lose fat gain muscle gaol. Checking below three proven strategies will help you to make a right start.

1) Schedule your Exercises

Workouts can simply mould your body the way you want. Weight lifting has proven benefits for weight loss as well as for gaining muscles and thus, the primary goal is to focus on weight lifting. From limiting cardio to emphasizing on weights, here’s how you can achieve this transformation correctly:

Try Lifting Heavy and Compound Weights

  • To get a toned and sculpted body, you will have to add some muscle to your body and burn fat. There are some compound workouts like weighted deadlifts, bench presses, squats etc that can be used.
  • Choose a high-intensity and low volume workout plan. 4 sets of such exercises a week will help you lose fat and build muscles more effectively. As high stress is imposed on the muscles, it will improve metabolic rate as well as better activation of muscle fibers.
  • Do not overload yourself and increase fatigue by high reps and giant reps. Instead, focus on increasing the number of repetitions with a bit low weights

Focus on HIIT Cardio

HIIT cardio is a very high-intensity workout training that has gained immense popularity since the past few years. To lose fat quicker than ever, you will have to choose HIIT. This is an exercise routine in which, you will have to alternate between periods of complete and low efforts.

Check below to know how HIIT cardio burn fat and build muscle;

  • As per the statistics, the number of calories burned per minute in HIIT is more than the steady cardio workouts
  • Instead of the low-intensity cardio, choose HIIT because as per the studies, more calories are burned when you take a 4-6minutes rest while doing your cardio workouts like treadmill sprints
  • HIIT increases the insulin sensitivity in muscles, hikes fat oxidation in muscles, improves growth in hormones that aid fat burning
  • HIIT also preserves muscles compared to the cardio workouts and helps you gain muscle while burning fat

2) Plan your Diet

Diet plays the most vital role in building muscles as well as in cutting fat. Fat loss requires a different diet plan while building muscles requires a completely different plan but as we are looking forward to achieve both these goals simultaneously, you will have to choose a balancing diet which can offer you both the benefits. Here’s how you need to plan your diet:

Maintain a Moderate Calorie Deficit

  • Calorie deficit is immensely important to follow. You will have to maintain a moderate deficit because too much deficit can cause heavy muscle loss, energy crashes and such issues while least deficit will not give you the desired results.
  • So what’s the average calorie deficit you should follow? To cut the proportion of fat from your body, create a calorie deficit from 500-700 calories daily. When you create a deficit of 500-700 calories from your daily nutrition and support it with a high protein diet, the chances are that you might lose more fat and little muscle
  • Facts support the calorie deficit of 20-25% to burn fat and gain muscles

The lose fat gain muscle diet is quite tricky and you need to plan your meals very carefully. Apart from consuming whey protein and such supplements, you have to eat the meals that consist of all the nutrients that are required for building muscles.

How to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle Through Proper Diet?

  • Your diet should consist of high protein meals. 1g protein per pound of bodyweight is considered proper if taken in 5-6 equal portions throughout the day
  • Avoid processed foods completely
  • Consume a lot of fresh veggies and fruits instead of fried foods
  • The goal is to consume less 30% of calorie intake from fatty foods while including fruits and veggies that offer less fat and more other nutrients
  • Consume whole grains and avoid sugar, alcohol and white flour completely
  • Consume omega III rich foods such as salmon and flaxseeds

3) Get Enough Rest

While you sleep or take rest, it is possible to achieve both your goals as inadequate sleep will not help you in burning fat or in building muscles. When you do not sleep sufficiently, your growth hormones drop and impair muscle gain. Less sleep leads to more calorie intake and overeating while also leading to hormonal imbalances.

This entire process doesn’t require any hardcore training. You simply need to plan your workout routine, your diet, and your sleep and you will witness effective results every week.

In brief, make sure you choose the right calorie deficit, make sure you sleep enough, include HIIT cardio in your workout and take proper nutrition and you will understand how to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

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