How to Paint Your Nails

How to Paint Your Nails (#10 Pro Tips)


The beauty of a woman is enhanced by adding a little touch of makeup to her. This gives her overall confidence and boosts her morale. Apart from the makeup of her face, the painted fingernails are an important makeup element.

The painting nails add a touch of glam to the personality of a woman. Fingernail painting is an art that requires skill and precision. But with regular practice and some useful tips, one can learn how to paint your nails neatly.

So are you ready to learn expert tips on how to paint nails professionally at home? Here we go…

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10 Proven Tips on How to Paint your Nails

1. Always Apply a Base Coat

Applying a base coat may take an individual some extra time to paint your nails but it gives the nail polish something to stick on to, making the manicure last a few extra days more. It even prevents staining on the nails from the pigmented paint.

2 Three Strokes Are All That You Need

As you are painting nails, it’s a good idea if one uses only three strokes in order to apply the nail polish.

First, one wants to dip the brush into the nail polish bottle in order to get a decent amount of bead of polish at the edge of the brush.

Next, one wants the nail polish to do a majority of the work as well as spread out once it is placed on the nail. The brush is used to only guide the dot of nail polish into the right place.

Beginning at the base of the nail, one needs to stroke the brush to the left side, then to the right side, and then bring it down to the center.

3 Reuse An Old Lip Brush in Order to Help in Tidying Up the Edges of the Nails

As kids, all have colored outside of the margins. But when one does it with a nail polish, one wants to be more precise in the clean-up technique. It is a good idea to dip an old lip brush into the nail polish remover bottle and swipe it around the nail bed in order to clean the edges. This is another important tip on how to paint your nails perfectly.

4 Keep Away from the Quick-Dry Nail Polish

These quick dry nail polishes are typically dehydrating and are capable to dry out the nails.

5 Glide on the Cuticle Oil Regularly

A quick way to look as if one has just stepped out of a salon is to make the use of cuticle oil. The cuticle oil instantly hydrates the nails. It is advisable to apply it over the entire nail after one has painted the nails. In case if an individual, by mistake, hit the nails against something, then the oil provides some level of slip to the nails, so that they are less likely to chip and get spoiled. This is one best way to paint nails.

6. Holding the Hands Under the Cold Water Post a Nail Paint Job

It is a good idea to hold the nails under running cold water or dipping the fingertips into a bowl of ice water for this helps them nails to dry up faster.

7. Apply a Thin and Not a Thick Coat of Nail Polish

Whenever an individual is painting the nails, to get the polish to dry quickly, it is better to apply three thin coats, as compared to one or two thick layers, since they will not dry easily.

8. Never shake the Nail Polish Bottle

It is suggested not to shake the nail polish bottle. Instead, one should roll it back and forth in between the two hands, while holding the nail polish bottle vertically. This helps to ensure that there will not be any air bubbles in the paint or on the nails while they are being painted on.

9 Only Bust the Nippers at the Time of Having a Hangnail

It is advisable that this is the time when one should reach out for a cuticle nipper. Hangnails are unavoidable, even if one uses moisturizer very frequently, and unfortunately, the only method to get rid of these is to cut them off.

10 Never Saw the Nails Back and Forth While Filing Them

An important tip to care for painted nails is to always stroke a file in a single direction. Else it may tear up the tip of the nail and leave it jagged, also affecting the nail polish. Filing the nails incorrectly may even lead to splitting, peeling, and breaking of the nails.


Thus, it can be seen that by following some simple nail painting tips, one can become a pro by practicing it regularly and religiously.

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