How To “Remove Matt Lipstick” Without Makeup Remover?

How To Remove Liquid Lipstick

One girl asked me on Facebook that how she can put off her stubborn matt lipstick using easy to available things around her. This is what inspired me to write a detailed article on “How to Remove Matt Lipstick” without any use of remover.

So, I have listed 7 pro hacks you can try to get rid of matt lipstick anytime, anywhere.

Whenever you require mood uplift or an instant confidence boost, try a new shade of lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are the best long-lasting makeup element present in the market.

Of course, it irritates if you need to re-apply your lipstick every hour or after every meal. You would prefer a perfect lip formula that remains for hours and performs great during work hours.

Though it can be frustrating to remove the applied one and wear a different shade. The expensive makeup removers also fail to remove everything completely. Strains of the stubborn lipstick stay even if you try harder.

Because of the purpose it serves, removing it becomes the toughest job. A lot more effort is needed to remove liquid matte lipstick than the standard ones.

So if you have the query on how to take off matte lipstick, that too without using makeup remover, follow the below mentioned ways.

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How to Remove Matte Lipstick?

It is not an easy thing to swipe your pretty shades from your pout. And if too much force applied while rubbing your lips, then your lips will become dry and chapped.

Thus, to avoid scrubbing your lips, try these alternative methods –

1. Vaseline

Vaseline or the authentic petroleum jelly can be used as a hydrating mask over your delicate lips. They act magical and easily loosen the most stubborn lip color. It also comes in handy packs which you can use it on the go.

Take a dime-sized amount of it and apply it generously on your lips.

Leave it for five minutes so that it gets soaked in and act on the lipstick.

Then use a damp towel or a washcloth and gently wipe your lips in a circular motion.

Repeat until the lip color goes completely. You will be amazed to see your fresh and soft lips.

2. Oil

Your kitchen can help with this brilliant idea. Olive oil, coconut oil, or baby oil, anything will go just fantastic when it comes to removing your lipstick.

The oil has the ability to create a hydrating layer over your lipstick. This will loosen it and help you to remove it smoothly.

Take a little amount of oil on the cotton ball and dab it on your lips.

Leave it for a few minutes and watch the magic.

Wipe it off with a makeup remover pad or a tissue paper. This method is inexpensive and effective.

3. Lip Balm

Are you running from the office to a party? Then lip balm can act as a savior.

You can correspondingly apply lip balm as you have done for Vaseline.

Let it sit for some time and then wipe it away with a cotton ball or tissue paper.

So it is recommended to carry a lip balm always in your purse. The paper towel that is present in the bathroom can also be an alternative if you don’t have anything to wipe it off.

Rub it in a circular motion and your lip color will vanish in seconds.

4. Micellar Water

Micellar cleansing water is way more efficient and harmless than makeup removal wipes. Your lips will remain hydrated. Micellar water contains tiny droplets of cleansing oil molecules called micelles.

These molecules have the power to attract oil and dirt without harming your skin. It also works to remove the lipstick from your lips.

They are available in the market at an affordable rate.

5. Brown Sugar And Honey Lip Scrub

The fact is, many times, how much ever you try to remove your stubborn lip color, some portion or strains remains even after that.

Here comes the master plan and this one can be made at home with brown sugar and honey.

Make a tasty and yummy lip scrub with honey (half a teaspoon), sugar (one tablespoon), and olive oil.

It will help in making your lips soft and supple as well. It even removes the dead skin cells along with the lip color.

You can try some innovation by adding different essences like vanilla or strawberry. Make a larger batch of it, if you want, for future use, but be sure to store it in an airtight container. Make lip exfoliation as part of the daily routine.

6. Cold Cream

Cold cream is referred to as a classic remover when everything else fails.

Use your finger to apply a good quantity of it on your lips. And then wipe it with a tissue paper or cotton ball.

7. Toothbrush

Are you surprised to hear that toothbrush can also be used for the removal of lipstick? But obviously, not the one you use for brushing your teeth.

Yes, you can use a toothbrush and gently rub on your lips to wipe away any leftover residue of the lip color.

It actually cleanses but you need to apply lip balm immediately after the process. This will make your lips clean, nice and moisturized.

If you have used a tremendously stubborn lip color that is not going even after prolonged tries, then leave it for some time instead of rubbing it continuously.

Don’t scrub it for long as it will make your lips feel raw.

In brief,

These are some easy to use hacks when it comes to know that how to remove matt lipstick without using expensive lipstick removers.

Take care of your lips to be pout ready every time.

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