How to Remove Waterproof Mascara without Makeup Remover?

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara

Beauty lovers are fond of mascara and spend almost 30 minutes on the eye makeup. After such a huge effort, no one wants smudgy eyes from the smokey eyes.

Waterproof mascara is an essential and amazing item that saves you from tears and wet weather.

After the day is done, now comes the tricky part of how to remove waterproof mascara. To all the lash-loving girls out there, you would ensure every time a mess-free makeup removal session.

Although makeup removers are available in the market, the best way to remove mascara is the natural approach to cosmetics.

If you rub or scrub your lashes too much, you will be pulling it out.

Here you are about to learn the natural ways of how to remove mascara without hampering your delicate lashes.

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How to Get Waterproof Mascara Off Without Makeup Remover?

The best way to take off mascara at home, that too pain-free and with handy products is the main motive. Though all know mascara, being a vital part of eye makeup, it leaves your eyelashes dry, stiff, and brittle at the end of the day. And in serious cases, loss of lashes is the result.

This is the reason why many are opting for home alternatives.

Check out below natural ways you can opt for removing waterproof mascara –

1.Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

This is one of the ideal ways when it comes to know how to remove mascara without makeup remover.

You can avoid the chemical-filled makeup remover and use plant-based cooking oils like coconut oil or olive oil for this purpose. They are perfect for removing waterproof mascara.

You can splash some warm water on your eyelids. It will make your eyelids wet and help it from getting overly greasy.

Take the oil of your choice and pour it on a cotton ball. Keeping your eyes closed, press gently on your eyes over the lashes for a minute.

The oil will break down the mascara. Wipe down the cotton round smoothly over it.

If you are dealing with hard and stubborn mascara, then repeat the process several times until all the traces of mascara come out.

Clean your eyes and face with warm water and cleanser.

2. Vaseline

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is one of the best eye makeup removers that can hydrate your lashes.

It is affordable and readily available in every store. This hidden gem helps the lashes to appear thicker as time passes by.

Dab a cotton ball into the Vaseline.

Apply the Vaseline by running the cotton ball on the lash line and over the eyelashes.

Let the Vaseline sit for 5 minutes so that it gets soaked on the lashes.

Keep your eyes closed. In the meantime, the petroleum jelly will help to break down the mascara.

Use a makeup pad soaked in warm water to wipe it off from your lashes.

Wipe it slowly in a downward motion from the root to the tip of the lashes to avoid getting into your eyes.

You can also use your finger to takeout a pea-sized amount of Vaseline and rub it on your eyelashes.

Keep your eyes closed while coating your lashes with the Vaseline. Then follow the similar steps as before.

3. Milk or Yogurt

You don’t expect that dairy products can also be used as a makeup remover. But milk and yogurt are indeed fantastic, effective, and natural mascara remover.

They are also very efficient and hydrating for the overall health of the eyelashes.

Take a cotton ball and dip it into the milk or yogurt whichever is present in your home.

Smoothly swipe the cotton ball on the eyes and lash area. Keep rubbing the cotton ball until the entire mascara gets removed.

Wash your face and eyes with lukewarm water.

Remember, if you are a lactose-intolerant, feel free to use milk, as it won’t affect your digestive system. But, if you have a milk allergy, it is better to avoid it.

4. Baby Oil

If you have a baby at home, then there is no need to run to the nearby shop for buying makeup remover. All you can do is to grab your baby’s oil and help yourself in removing the waterproof mascara.

Baby oil is another useful product that can be used as an eye makeup remover.

It is mild and gentle for your eyelash’s health.

You can follow the above steps that you have learned to remove mascara using cooking oils.

5. Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are handy and you would love to use it for mascara remover. It is quick, affordable, and gentler for sensitive skin than other wet wipes.

Take out one baby wipe and cut into halves as it is quite bigger.

Keep wiping gently over your eyelashes in a circular motion to remove all the mascara. This is an easy process of just ‘use and throw’.

6. Cold Cream

Over the years, this multipurpose cold cream is used in several makeups related things. The most unexpected way is to use it as a remover.

Take out a small amount of cold cream onto your finger.

Keep your eyes closed while rubbing it on your lashes.

Leave it for 3 minutes and rub it away with a wet washcloth or soaked cotton swab.

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara From Clothes?

If this happens to you, then removing waterproof mascara stains from your cloth may take some time and effort.

Make a detergent solution by mixing two spoons of dishwashing detergent with water.

Sponge the strains with this solution.

Leave it for some time till the liquid gets absorbed. You can now wash it in the washing machine.

Now that you have several ideas for the removal of waterproof mascara, you can relax and feel comfortable.

It is no more a painstaking process. The natural home remedies will make your lashes shining, thick, and happy.

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