How to Sleep with Toothache Pain (6 Remedies to Try)

How to Sleep with Toothache Guide

Here you will learn how to sleep with Toothache pain using some handy home remedies.

After a tiring day, you dream of a comfy bed and warm pillows to have a relaxing and peaceful sleep. Suddenly, you experience a nagging and irritating toothache in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, a toothache is a common ailment that more or less all have gone through in their lives. And the worst toothache will accompany with your head pumping, gums throbbing and tender mouth.

Usually, the pain is for a shorter period, referring to areas near the jaws around the tooth. But, it can be a constant pain as well, that bothers you at night.

The annoying pain will keep you awake and during the night hours, you can’t even visit a dentist.

So, let’s find the best home remedies for toothache you can try while sleeping at night.

Connection Between Sleep and Toothache

Toothache is one of the chronic pains that ruin your good night’s sleep. If the toothache keeps you awake for the first few hours of the night, it is highly possible to reoccur again the next night.

The toothache that occurs at night usually disrupts your sleeping architecture. You tend to alter your sleep position for which you won’t be able to stay comfortable while sleeping.

If you feel the same while dealing with the mild or severe toothache, try these 6 best at home remedies.

Know How to Sleep with Toothache: Effective Remedies to Try

It is recommended to seek medical help, if possible. Till then, you can try the tips and remedies. Remember, if your toothache lasts for two days or more, you should visit a dentist immediately.

1) Saltwater Rinse

The most common and simplest home remedy for tooth pain is saltwater rinse. It reduces inflammation and pain due to its antibacterial properties.

The ideal way is to mix one teaspoon of table salt with one glass of warm water. Mix it well and swish the warm salty water in your mouth. You need to spit it out.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide Rinse

If you have hydrogen peroxide solution at home, mix equal amounts of it with water and rinse your mouth thoroughly. Spit the solution out.

The hydrogen peroxide mouthwash helps to reduce toothache and plaque. This method is not recommended for children as they might swallow it.

3) An Ice Pack or Cold Compress

Sometimes, the constant pain may result in a swollen face or gums. You can place an ice pack on your cheeks to ease the pain. The ice will turn the sore area numb and your pain will subside.

Apply the cold compress for 20 minutes every hour in the evening so that pain stops by the time you are going to sleep.

4) Clove Oil

If you have clove oil at home, take a few drops, and rub it on the painful area. It is a natural remedy to numb your tooth pain as it contains a compound called Eugenol that can reduce pain.

You can also take it on a cotton ball and place it near the gum on the tooth.

If you don’t have clove oil at home, you can use clove directly. For that, you can chew one single clove gently and let it sit on the affected tooth. The method is not recommended for children.

You can also make a paste with soaked cloves and apply it to the tooth.

5) Peppermint Tea

If you have peppermint tea bags at home, try to make the tea and swish it in your mouth. You can also put the peppermint tea bag on the painful teeth for temporary relief.

It contains antibacterial and antioxidant compounds. Menthol, present in peppermint, has a numbing effect on the affected teeth.

6) Garlic

A compound called Allicin is present in garlic that has antibacterial properties. Garlic helps to reduce pain occurred due to bacterial infection in your gums.

Simply, take up a clove of garlic and chew it gently. Let it sit on your painful tooth for some time. The extreme raw taste of garlic may not be suitable to tolerate, so it is not recommended for all.

Few More Tips You Can Try to Relive Toothache Pain at Home


While sleeping, keep your head elevated with the help of a pillow. Propping your head higher, the blood won’t rush heavily to your head. This will help you to ease out the toothache.


It is a good idea to floss your teeth after having food. This helps in clearing the food particles stuck between your teeth and gums.


Try using any mouthwash present at home after every meal.

Eating Habits

Try to avoid eating acidic, cold, hard foods, and sugary drinks just before going to bed. All these items usually aggravate the cavities in your teeth that might have started to form, causing a toothache.

There are numerous causes of a toothache. Gum disease, cavities, infection, or grinding are some of these. Brushing your teeth twice daily will keep up your overall dental health.

Following above remedies will surely help you to sleep with toothache pain.

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