How to Stop Overeating to Avoid Health Hazards of Bad Eating Habit

How to Stop Overeating

We got some proven methods for people struggling to get rid of the habit of too much eating. Read on this article to know how to stop overeating by making small changes in your lifestyle.

In this fast paced world, everyone tends to develop a binge-eating habit. Are you emotional-eater? Then definitely you end up taking too many calories throughout the day.

It is difficult at times to control your hunger. And if you get to see your favorite dishes in front, you will indulge in overeating for sure, keeping your diet plan aside.

Effects of overeating can be dangerous as overeating leads to serious health problems ranging from obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disorders, etc.

Fortunately, there are ways you can follow to avoid overeating even if you are surrounded by unhealthy food.

Use these tricks to control yourself and prevent from falling sick from overeating.

8 Proven Tactics to Stop Overeating

1. Slow down your eating

Gobbling down your food in a hurry won’t help your brain to catch up with your stomach. The brain takes almost 15 to 20 minutes from the starting time to pass the signal that your stomach is full.

Eating your meal in less than 10 minutes will ensure you end up eating way more than you require. Being overweight can be a result of eating too quickly.

So try a few tricks like keeping the spoon and the fork aside after every bite. You can take smaller pieces of food and chew them thoroughly.

2. Stop emotional eating

It is absolutely a bad idea to open your refrigerator and immediately start eating after a bad day in the office. Many a time, you tend to use eating as a coping mechanism when you are sad, depressed, or stressed.

Sometimes, due to over-excitement or happiness, you can even eat more. As a result, you will be snacking too much without any notice. Both positive and negative emotions can become a hindrance to your weight loss program.

Try to find out some other way of stress busting. Take a walk if you feel sad. Talk to your friend when you can’t find solutions to your problem.

3. Concentrate on mindful eating

There are endless scenarios when you don’t concentrate on the food you eat. You indulge in various activities like watching your favorite TV show while eating your dinner or having breakfast in the car etc.

All these are distractions that lead to overeating. When you are not focusing on the food you eat, you miss out on your satiation cue.

Make a thumb rule at home to eat at least one meal without doing anything alongside. Gradually, increase this to two meals and then all three.

4. Avoid snacking constantly

Are your hands feel attracted to chips and fries, especially in your boredom period? Then keep your snacking items away from your eyesight, in not-so-easily accessible places. Constantly eating snacks or sweets will add up to your calorie intake.

During office hours, try to take 5 minutes break after every one hour. Utilize this time by taking a short walk or drinking one glass full of water.

5. Grab your meal before you are hungry

Hunger forces you to eat more. You start feeling full and frustrated once you finish overeating. And you start wondering what to do after overeating. Finally, you need to opt for digestive medicines.

When you are starving, your hands will move towards anything that comes your way first. It can be an unhealthy item. And out of hunger, you fill your stomach to the fullest.

A brilliant idea is to start eating when you are not so hungry. Obviously, you will eat less and can avoid overeating.

6. Drink more of water instead of juices and sodas

Drink enough water throughout the day. Keep yourself hydrated, as many get confused mild dehydration for hunger.

Also, try to avoid calorific liquids like juices, carbonated water or sodas, etc. which get digested rapidly resulting in insulin spikes.

It is a good practice to drink a glass of water 20 minutes before any meal. The average water intake per day should be three-fourth of a gallon.

7. Stay away from foods that trigger overeating

Have knowledge of the foods that trigger your overeating. Ice-creams, sweets, packaged foods, etc. that can be stored in the refrigerator or in the kitchen, are identified as triggering items.

Keep healthy options like fruits, homemade cookies, and vegetable salads handy.

8. Keep a cheat day

If you are depriving all your favorite foods, then surely you will pounce on forbidden treats. Allow yourself a day in a week and consider it as a cheat day.

You treat yourself with your lovable dishes. It is perfectly fine to have them occasionally.

Can you die from overeating? If this question arises in your mind, then let me tell you that it is rare but not impossible. People can puke it out due to overeating.

It is better to stop the cycle of overeating once and for all. When it will become your habit, you can easily say no or indulge in eating according to your hunger cues.

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