How to Tightline Your Eyes?

How to Tightline Your Eyes

Are you trying to learn tightlining or hearing it for the first time?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. It may sound like some special acrobatic act. But let me tell you, it is a makeup technique, used by pro makeup artists for a long time now.

Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Mercier are the two pioneers of makeup-industry who made tightlining famous.

Are you curious to know how to tightline eyes?

But before that, know what it is –

What is Tightlining?

It is an eye makeup technique often called as ‘invisible eyeliner’. This technique is used to fill the upper waterline at the base of the eyelashes with eyeliner. It is actually an eyeliner trick to fill the gaps and create contrast.

There are two types of tightlining –

  • If you want a deep, dark, and sensual look, you need to draw the entire upper waterline with the eyeliner.
  • If you want an invisible definition of your eyes, carefully draw the line in between the lashes.

What is the Necessity to Tightline your Eyes?

Now that you are going to know how to tightline your eyes, try this little illusion in every day’s makeup like experts. And trust me it is easy to try it at home. For the first-timers, it may make you feel with thicker and bolder lashes.

It brings a lot of drama to your eyes giving a more defining look. The natural shape of your eyes is what you will discover. Others will be amazed to notice your twinkling eyes that would look much bigger.

If you have hooded or aging eyes, which may look droopy with your regular eyeliner, then tightlining will definitely give you a better look. This is an ideal way to flaunt a subtle make-up.

How to Tightline Your Eyes to Create Hidden Dark Line?

For this, you need below things ready with you –

  • Eye primer
  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Mirror
  • Eyelash curler
  • Q-tip
  • Eyeshadow
  • Angled edged brush
  • Mascara

Initial Preparation Before Tightlining

1. Application of Eye Primer on the Lids

Before you start, ensure your face and hands are superbly clean.

This step is optional, though it is recommended to apply primer on your eyelids as it evens out the skin.

The eyeliner will remain intact for longer hours because of this. You can use a makeup brush to apply a small amount of primer.

2. Use a Concealer to Cover Up any Dark Circles

Pick your favorite concealer that is similar to your skin tone or one shade lighter.

It is better to use a concealer brush to dab the portion under your eyes. Let it sit for some seconds then blend it up.

You can also use your finger to cover the eye circles. Apply foundation before the application of the concealer.

3. Apply with Pencil Eyeliner

As tightlining requires the application of eyeliner near to your eyeball, so it is suggested to go for the waterproof one. For a smooth application, pick pencil eyeliner.

You can opt for any color. For a natural look, you can try brown, light brown, or black, that matches with your eyelashes.

4. Sharpen your Eyeliner Pencil

As the entire application is done on the waterline of your eyes which is prone to infections, it is suggested to sharpen your eyeliner before every use. This will help to remove any deposited bacteria on the makeup implements.

It also makes your job easy while tightlining. Avoid borrowing eyeliner from others as your eyes may get infected.

Application of the Eyeliner

As you know, practice makes perfect.

So better be gentle with your upper waterline as it is a delicate part. Do it while sitting in front of your makeup mirror.

1. Positioning

While looking up, tilt your head back keeping your chin raised. Hold your upper eyelid close to your brow bone with the help of a Q-tip and gently press your lashes upward. You have to look down now onwards while keeping your waterline exposed.

2. Dry your Waterline

Use a Q-tip and slowly roll over the area. It is quite easier to dry out the waterline area. Drying is essential so that the formula can stick instead of washing away.

3. Start Lining

If your pencil is too sharp then slightly make it blunt for smoother use. Place the eyeliner on the outer end of your waterline. Trace it back and forth for 2 to 3 times depending upon how deep or light you want the eyeliner.

Don’t trace it till the inner corner of your eyes. Stop where your lashes are thinner. This will provide you a more natural look.

If you are concentrating on tightlining only the upper lid, then try not to blink your eyes. It will make your eyeliner transfer to the lower waterline. If by chance, it comes to the lower lid, take a cotton swab and dab it clean.

4. Filling the Areas in between Lashes

Here, you can use the eyeshadow of the same color or the eyeliner that you used already. When using eyeliner, you have to gently dot the spaces between the lashes.

If you are using eyeshadow, then you have to use an angled edged brush. Make sure that the bristles of the brush are dabbed with enough eyeshadow.  Push the brush with pigment slowly to the end of the lashes.

5. Define the Lower Lash Line

This step is optional. So if you want, you can repeat the above step to define the lower lash line similarly.

Remember you need to start from the outer corner and stop when two-third of your lash line is covered.

6. Curling your Lashes

The necessity to curl your lashes is vital as you get to be familiar with your lashes and lid. You receive a better view of your waterline and maximum tightline effect.

Finally, clean up any smudges or errors with a Q-tip. Here you can use a water-based makeup remover. Use your favorite mascara and apply a generous coat on your lashes.

Take care of your precious lashes. Apply castor oil or any lash serum before going to bed. This will protect your lashes from falling off.

With practice, you can become a pro. In the fashion world, nowadays many are obsessed with the ‘no-makeup’ look. Tightlining is one of the finest methods to have this unique ability to bring out your gorgeous yet subtle look.

Hope you find this guide about how to tightline your eyes helpful. If yes, then do share with your other friends over social media and help them too in tightlining their eyes like a pro.

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