HPV Vs Herpes


The Human Papillomavirus Virus (HPV) and Herpes are one of the common viruses that are founded in many people. It is said that most of the people think that these both are common but in fact, they are not. Still, the cause is spreading of both the diseases are same which is transmitted due to sexual contacts. These diseases occur both in male and females but both of the diseases are having much difference.

HPV Vs Herpes – Major Differences


HPV: HPV is not present in the body but they only come inside when the other partner is infected with it. There are more than 100 viruses of HPV in existence and 40 of these types affect the gentile region. Some of HPV are having more risk factors which can lead to cancer. 6 to 11 types of this disease cause warts in men and women, out of which genital warts are very common.

Herpes: Herpes is only two types and known as Herpes type 1 and type 2. The type one affects the mouth and type two affects the genital area. In case a person who is having herpes makes a mouth contact with the genital, then type 1 will affect the genital and mouth will be affected by type 2.


HPV: In simple words, a person will feel nothing if they are suffering from it. The only way to find it is a person is having warts on his body. Warts on hands and genital area are very common. Females it can lead to cervical cancer, Males, on the other hand, can suffer to penile cancer. This disease is having a high factor of leading a person to cancer if not treated on time.

Herpes: The person suffering from oral herpes will certainly have cold sores that are red blisters on the mouth. The one who herpes on genital will have sores on their anus, vulva, buttocks, penis, and vagina. These snores are actually painful and give a burning sensation.


HPV: For males, the disease can be seen as warts on the body. In case of genital warts, it can only be treated after it pops out. These diseases can also occur inside the anal region. For females, there is a PAP test which can be done in every three years. The test is abnormal and gives the quick result.

Herpes: If a person is having herpes then a physical examination and blood sample test is a must. This test is best to be done when it’s the initial stage of herpes so that proper medications can be taken.

Major Effects

HPV: The major effect that HPV causes it cervical cancer in females and penile cancer in males. If a person is having oral sex then they are more liable to get cancer in their mouth. It takes some long years to develop cancer but the risk is still there.

Herpes: It causes infection to the urinary tract, Sexual transmission to another person when they both come in contact. There is a rare chance of having meningitis which an infection breaches the spinal or brain fluid.

Both of these diseases are harmful to the body if they are not treated in time. The HPV is really hard to notice, where the Herpes starts to show the effects from the start. In any case, both of these diseases do not make that much damage. They only cause trouble then they had grown to a larger length.

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