Itchy Mole – When You Need to Worry About Moles that Itch

Itchy Mole

Mole or Nevus is a kind of growth on skin usually occurs on scalp, soles of your feet, palms of your hands, chest, breast, back, and on any other body part which is exposed to sun. Read on this article to understand either you should worry about itchy mole or not.

Let’s first try to understand common mole.

How Common Mole Look Like?

Usually they are smaller than the width of a pencil eraser. They are commonly appear in round and oval shape with pink, black, tan and brown shades.

Common moles develop when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters. Such growth on skin can be found in adults aged 10 to 40 years old.

Although, it might be possible to have moles at birth (also known as congenital moles) which tend to develop later in childhood.

In most people, common moles tend to keep developing until they turn 40 years old. In older people, common moles are fade away naturally.

Can Common Mole Turns Into Melanoma?

Well, it happens in rare cases.

Common moles are not considered to be cancerous. People having more than 50 moles are likely to get skin cancer like Melanoma.

People need to see a dermatologist if they see below alterations in common mole;

  • Color keeps changing
  • Sudden change in the size, shape, texture of mole
  • Skin on the mole’s surface become dry or scaly
  • Mole becomes harder and lumpy
  • It starts becoming itchy
  • It starts bleeding or oozing

Itchy Mole: Let’s Understand in Detail

Frequently, people are asking questions regarding itchy mole such as;

  1. Do they need immediate attention?
  2. Can itchy moles cause melanoma?
  3. What are the causes of moles that itch?
  4. What are the symptoms of itchy moles?
  5. How to treat itchy mole?

Read on to get answers of above all questions…

Itchy moles are irritating and increase the chances of getting melanoma if they occur with bleeding and crusting. Thus, it is very important to keep an eye on all types of moles on your body and report to your doctor if they start raising in size and disturbing you.

Possible Causes of Itchy Moles

In medical terms itchy moles sometimes called as Atypical moles, which are more likely to turn into serious skin cancer like melanoma.

There are numbers of possible reasons for appearing such little lumpy bumps on skin such as;

  • Using a new laundry detergent
  • Do you use any skin lotions that contains harmful chemicals to your skin?
  • Are you using new aftershave and body spray?
  • Think about sunless tanning products that you are recently start using
  • Exposure to any chemicals or spray could a reason for raised mole as well
  • Skin tight clothes creates more friction with raised moles and make them itchy

What Are the Signs You Should Worry About?

There are some specific signs of moles that make you think twice and need immediate medical attention.

Below are the symptoms that your mole might be a melanoma such as;

Asymmetry: The two halves of the mole are uneven.

Border: Irregular or ragged borders.

Color: It’s two or more different colors.

Diameter: It’s bigger than 1/4-inch across.

Evolving/Elevating: Keeps changing in size, shape, color, or it’s raising above the rest of the skin.

However, not all itchy moles are signs of melanoma. But if they occur along with the below symptoms then it should not be ignored;

  • bleeding
  • oozing
  • crusting over
  • pain
  • hardening

Pictures of Moles Grow on Different Parts of Your Body

Cancerous Itchy Mole Pictures

Cancerous Itchy Mole Pictures
Cancerous Itchy Mole Pictures

Moles on Breast Pictures

Moles on Breast Pictures
Moles on Breast Pictures

Moles on Scalp Pictures

Moles on Scalp Pictures
Moles on Scalp Pictures

Mole on Nose Pictures

Mole on Nose Pictures
Mole on Nose Pictures

Mole Around Eye Pictures

Mole Around Eye Pictures
Mole Around Eye Pictures

Itchy Mole on Back Pictures

Itchy Mole on Back Pictures
Itchy Mole on Back Pictures

Medical Treatments for Itchy Mole

Well, all moles don’t need medical treatments because they stop appearing naturally at some point of time. But if moles keeps itching you and bothering enough then treatment is require.

If your dermatologist think that it might be a skin cancer, then they suggest to do a biopsy, in which they use a small sample of your mole and send to a laboratory to determine either it is a Melanoma or a normal skin mole.

If they found symptoms of melanoma, then they usually prefer below two medical treatments to get it removed;

Surgical Expurgation – It is kind of skin operation in which doctor removes the whole mole using surgical procedures and closed the wound with stitches.

Surgical Shave: This is particularly suggested for small moles. In which dermatologist removes the mole using a blade and which requires no stitches.

10 Home Remedies for Itchy Mole

Before trying any home remedies for itchy moles, we suggest to get it checked with your skin doctor first, it helps you to determine either it is a normal mole or a cancerous mole.

If your reports are normal then you can go for below remedies for moles that itch such as;

Remedy 1 – Soak a clean and thin cotton piece of cloth in the paste of soda and castor and apply it over the mole. Keep it overnight. It will reduce the size of your mole.

Remedy 2 – Applying poultice of ground coriander and ground cumin are also good ways to get rid of mole.

Remedy 3 – Soak roasted peel of pomegranate in lime juice and prepare a paste. Apply it over moles, warts and acne.

Remedy 4 – Make a habit of placing sliced potato over the mole will also help you to eliminate it.

Remedy 5 – Applying aloe vera is also a good idea. However, it can take time to remove a mole completely.

Remedy 6 – Apply honey to get rid of mole completely.

Remedy 7 – Use tea tree oil or frankincense oil and apply one of them over a mole for several time in a day for best results.

Remedy 8 – Applying dandelion root will ease your moles.

Remedy 9 – Rubbing banana peel over the mole will also help you to lessen the visibility of it.

Remedy 10 – Use of hydrogen peroxide is also considered to be one of the best home remedies that work for moles.

Unproven Home Remedies for Itchy Mole

Below are some dangerous home remedies you should not use at home.

  • Do not try to burning the mole off using apple cider vinegar
  • Never try to wrap the mole with garlic
  • Do not apply iodine over the mole
  • It is not good idea to cut the mole off with scissors at home

Best Mobile App to Identify Cancerous Mole on your Skin

The SKinVision App is truly an amazing Skin Cancer Detection mobile app that helps you to determine either you get normal moles or cancerous moles. Of course, it helps you to identify even many more skin diseases as well.

On 6th August 2017, a report came out that one lady diagnoses cancerous mole over her ankle using this SkinVision smartphone app.

Nikie Duddridge, 46, from Somerset is the lady who claimed technology “saved her life”.

In brief, if you got multiple moles with symptoms like bleeding and itching then it is advisable to get immediate medical attention.

Hope you guys find this detailed guide on itchy mole helpful, if yes then share this information with other over social media.

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