Jackfruit Nutrition Facts and Benefits that May Surprise You

Jackfruit Nutrition and Benefits

Jackfruit is the largest borne fruit, may weigh as much as 55 kg, it may have length & diameter of 90cm and 50cm, is a tropical fruit produce in tropical regions and identified by its unique form (oval shape). The rich fruity flavor of its aril can be enjoyed from a distance. When this fruit is unripe it is somewhat light green, it turn light brown and spread fruity smell once ripe also it has blunt spikes on the outer surface which get soft as it ripens. As you know that tropical fruits like banana & durian are rich in energy, this fruit is also a rich source of energy, minerals, fiber, vitamins and most important free from fats or cholesterol.

So yes, you can add this fruit to your diet plan.

Botanically speaking, this fruit belongs to the family of Moraceae & is related to mulberry and breadfruit of the genus Artocarpus with binomial name Artocarus Heterophyllus.

If you see the interior of this fruit you will find something looks like yellow bulb whose flesh is sweet and fruity enclosing an oval-shaped light brown seed. The number of seeds in jackfruit may vary from approximately 90-120 depending upon the size of the fruit.

So this was all about the jackfruit.

Let’s move towards the nutritional facts of jackfruit for 1 cup, 1 piece (151g)

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts Infographic
Jackfruit Nutrition Facts Infographic


  1. 143 calories may be provided from 1 cup, 1 piece (151g) of jackfruit. In this arils are made up of sucrose and fructose which are sugars, they fill the body with the energy required.
  2. This amount of jackfruit will provide fat at most 1 g. which is negligible
  3. Cholesterol up to 0mg, which is again negligible.
  4. Low carb i.e. 35g, which is good in losing weight.


  1. Sodium about 3mg
  2. Potassium 676.5mg

These electrolytes are very much important to keep blood pressure and heart rate optimum.


  1. Vitamin A= 3%
  2. Vitamin B-6= 25%
  3. Vitamin C= 34%

This is one of the rare fruits, which are rich in vitamins like B-complex. For e.g. It has 25% of B-6 (pyridoxine). Consumption of vitamin A should be there to protect against lung and oral cancer. Vitamin C which helps the body to resist infection bacteria can be provided around 34%.


  1. Has Magnesium about 10%
  2. Has Calcium approximately 3%

Jackfruit Seed Nutrition Facts

You may have heard the proverb “double benefits” this proverb suits this fruit because one can get nutrition not only from its arils but also from its seeds. The datasheet says that these seeds are the treasure for minerals, protein, and digestible starch. These seeds have also been used as traditional medicine to get rid of digestion related problem.

Here are some nutrition facts of Jackfruit seeds (100g)

  1. 184 calories
  2. 7 g of protein
  3. 38 g of carbohydrate
  4. 1.5 g fiber
  5. Less than 1 g of fat

Nutrition Facts of Unripe/raw Jackfruit

Towards the south, people also consume raw jackfruit an alternate to our rice and roti with protein curry like fish. Raw jackfruit is just a thick flesh around the seed just 2 to 4 days before it turns sweat fruit. Like unripe mango, it is creamy white in color, tasteless and doesn’t have any aroma of the ripe fruit. Let me tell you that about 30,000 years ago this fruit had got a title of “Alternative to anna-rice & roti” what we people forgot, thanks to medical studies who recently returned this title to it after many pieces of research.

Why raw Jackfruit?

Reasons to include this in your diet are as follows

  • It can help to reduce weight
  • It can help you beat diabetes
  • To reduce cholesterol

Nutrition Facts of Raw/Unripe Jackfruit

Datasheet on Nutrition facts of raw jackfruit (for 100g) says that –

  1. It contains 95 calories
  2. Total fat approximately 0.6g (no saturated fat)
  3. Carbohydrate is 8% which is very less makes it useful for weight loss.
  4. Dietary fiber 1.5g .it will solve if problem-related to digestion is there.
  5. Sugar such as sucrose and fructose
  6. 1.7g  protein, protein and calcium improves the bone health
  7. Vitamin A (2%), C (23%)
  8. Calcium (2%)
  9. Iron (1%)

Above all vitamins should be consumed to be healthy weather their quantity is more or less.  If we talk about vitamin A, it protects us against lung and oral cancer where Vitamin C safeguard to infections and bacteria.

Hope our details will help you to get an idea about the nutritional value of Jackfruit. Now, let’s discuss why you should switch to this fruit and what health benefits you will get.

Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Home remedy for wrinkles

Do you have wrinkles? If yes then try this, dip jackfruit seeds in cold milk after some minutes grind it well and apply on your wrinkles and you will see the difference in 6 weeks (do this on regular basis).

Immunity Booster

It is a rich source of vitamin C which makes the body more immune to diseases.

Prevent Cancer

Jackfruit has antioxidants, phytonutrients, and flavonoid which protects you from cancer.

Improve Digestion

As it is a treasure of dietary fiber that makes it bulk laxative which improves the digestion and prevents constipation.


Jackfruit is really a jack of all the fruits it not only gives satisfaction to your tongue but also your health. This is the fruit with incredible health benefits.

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