Kuttu Ka Atta: 11 Reasons to Eat it During Fasts

Buckwheat flour, commonly known as kuttu ka atta in most of the northern and western states of India is ground from buckwheat.

Generally, buckwheat is treated as grain but it is actually a fruit closely resembles to wild rhubarb.

Buckwheat flour or kuttu atta is a gluten free and thus it is a best choice for all with gluten sensitivities.

120 grams of buckwheat flour contains 79% carbs, 8% fats and 13% protein. Besides it, kuttu atta is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. The good presence of dietary fiber and healthy minerals like Magnesium, Iron and Manganese make it the healthy alternative to prohibited flours during fast season especially in Navratri.

In this article we will discuss eleven major health benefits that provide you reason to eat Kuttu Atta during fasts.

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11 Major Health Benefits of Kuttu Ka Atta

  1. Kuttu atta known to heal haemorrhage (Internal blooding) by strengthening walls of the capillaries.
  2. Kuttu flour is loaded with high quality proteins and amino acid lysine which help to treat cold sores.
  3. Being the rich source of dietary fiber, it helps to keep the digestive tract clean.
  4. It contains very less calories in compare to wheat or rice and thus helps in weight loss.
  5. As it is a low fat food and thus keeps the blood pressure in control.
  6. It contains D-chiro-Inositol which helps to control type 2 diabetes.
  7. Rich presence of minerals like magnesium, iron and phosphorous keeps the blood oxygen at healthy level.
  8. Buckwheat flour contains good amount of manganese which helps to keep the bones strong.
  9. It contains good amount of complex carbohydrates which are known to promote hair growth.
  10. Buckwheat flour even do wonders with curd especially during fasting season.
  11. Kuttu atta is a rich source of Vitamin B which improve the skin health and overall functioning of organs.

Why You Should Eat Kuttu Flour with Curd?

Kuttu ka atta is known for its warm potency and thus too much consumption can cause side effects. However, in winter season you can take Kuttu Atta with curd to reduce the warm potency and to maximize the health benefits it has to offer.

Do Pregnant Women Should Eat Kuttu Atta?

No, pregnant women should avoid this particular flour from their dish for diet.

As this atta (flour) is very warm in nature and thus can cause discomfort for pregnant women.

However, you can take this in limited proportion as per advised by your health expert.

In brief, Kuttu Atta has tones of health benefits and has many reasons to eat it during fasting.

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