Nyk Vs Nike – An Amazing Experiment


Hi everyone, today I am going to share my thrilling and joyful experience during my recent visit to Diu with my colleagues. Here in the Diu, I did an experiment with my Nike shoes which I am going to share with you in this post. I named this experiment as Nyk Vs Nike…:)


Diu is a coastal town in Gujarat, India. It is known for its beautiful landscapes and sea life. Fort Diu is one of the most visited places of this island which was built by Portugues during their colonial rule of the Diu island.

Visit to such an energetic place will always make you feel refreshed and revitalized. It will expand your horizons of thinking and make you ready to combat new challenges of life. Honestly, I felt the same during my recent visit to this coastal area.

I did wake up early in the morning to enjoy the fresh air during my 4 to 5 km walk on the Diu beach. It was an amazing experience to see a rising sun behind the mountains. It makes me feel close to mother nature.

Nyk Vs Nike – An Experiment

You need to walk thousands of steps during any journey and thus your shoes play a vital role in making your trip more enjoying. I understand it and thus I purchased new Nike shoes before my trip to Diu which are lightweight and soft enough to provide better cushioning to my feet.

Don’t know how, but a thought to taste the quality of my shoes pop up into my mind and for this I did some backflips, jumping from the 7-foot tall wall of the fort, did some strenuous running and walking, and did everything which can challenge my shoes. You can check some snaps and videos below to know what crazy deeds I did 🙂

In brief, I must say that Nike shoes prove strong enough to bare such craziness and it provides amazing cushioning to your feet. I am happy to have Nike shoes!

It was not just a quality taste of my shoes but it was a try to taste my fitness too. Surprisingly, I passed…LOL

Bottom line is that always buy a pair of quality shoes when you are planning to visit new places. Happy traveling.

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