Oily Skin Makeup Tips

Oil Control Makeup Tips for Glistening Girls


Naturally, our skin generates oil, and these oils have lots of benefits, including helping to reduce our susceptibility to wrinkles at an early age.

However, some of us have skins that produce excess oil, which can be a little frustration when you are out and find shine after you have already applied makeup on your face.

Fortunately, this problem has a solution, and it isn’t washing your face more frequently.

When the proper makeup isn’t used for oily skin, foundation tends to fade quickly, as it crumbles in the wake of coming in touch with sebum.

So, what is a glistening girl to do?  Rather than wiping and scrubbing your body again and again, check out these 8 makeup tips and tricks for oily skin that will help keep your face looking fresh and matte even after hours of applying foundation.

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Prime Your Skin Always

When your skin is oily, using a primer regularly helps to keep everything in place. You ought to prime the oiliest areas first (the oiliest areas are usually the forehead, nose, and chin) with an anti-shine, oil-free primer. Put the primer on immediately after cleaning your face, just before putting on the best oil control setting powder, foundation, and other makeup. This is a very effective tip that a lot of people have found useful.

Prep Your Peepers

To reduce eye makeup wrinkling, abstain from using concealer to prime your lids, something that several women with redness or dark circles regularly do. Instead of doing that, prime your lids with a primer designed specifically for eyelids. The base manufactures an ideal canvas for eye liner and shadow whilst absorbing wrinkle-causing oils all through the day.

Avoid Overdoing Powder

While piling on the face powder sounds like the proper thing to do, going overboard with it could go wrong by causing your pores to push more oil out. Only apply face powder on shiny areas. Make use of a matte translucent formula as it can reduce shine significantly. If you apply excessive face powder, damp down a makeup wiper and blotch it over the excessively powdered areas.

Carry Blotting Sheets

Regardless of how matte and flawless your makeup seems to be in the morning, you will have shine by noon if you are susceptible to oiliness. There are some blotting papers that basically raise the oil from your skin. There are others that deposit a little powder to absorb the oil. The trick behind utilizing blotting sheets without removing your makeup is to use the paper to press your oily areas and afterward roll it off your skin, rather than rubbing the sheet on your skin.

Go Oil-free

Since you have a skin that produces excess oil, purchase makeup products (particularly blush and foundation) that are noncomedogenic and free of oil, meaning they do not obstruct your pores. Besides, use face toners and cleanses that are mixed with glycolic acid – an acid that reduces excess oil – according to a Washington-based dermatologist, Elizabeth Tanzi. You can also consider salicylic acid, which is also a good acid.

Look for “Long Wear”

Oil and water are capable of doing similar things to your makeup, make it smudge, smear, or slip. For this reason, you must look for products that water-resistant, waterproof, or long wear. Cream eyeshadow and water-resistant eyeliner over an eye primer is one of the most effective long wear combinations.

Consider Soft Skin Instead of Slick Skin

While those substantial anti-aging creams are great for night use, ensure reaching for a lighter moisturizer prior to putting on your make up as lighter moisturizers hydrate without being oily. Think about utilizing a serum as it has a tendency of being lighter. Also, keep your sunscreen in mind – find a formula that is oil-free. After you have applied it, put a tissue on your face and gently press to get rid of any excess prior to putting on your makeup.

Lessen Excess Oil

Keep in mind to be using a treatment mask one or two times each week. Treatment masks made with bentonite or kaolin clay are the most ideal for oily skins as they absorb impurities and oil naturally whilst calming irritation. Use your fingers to put on a quarter-sized quantity for the treatment mask. Leave the mask on your face for around 10 to 15 minutes before using warm water to rinse it off for an instant matte finish.

While an oily skin can be a blessing, it can also be a curse, especially if you are a lady. Although a person with oily skin will have less tendency of having wrinkles at an early age, but the makeup-related issues that come with it can be very annoying. However, with the tips we have provided in this article, we hope you will find it easier to manage your oily skin henceforth.

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