Osmanthus Tea: Benefits and Easy to Make Recipes

Osmanthus Tea

Osmanthus flowers aren’t familiar in the west, but it is very popular in the east as grown in southern China. These yellow-gold flowers with uniquely sweet and buttery fragrance are dried and used in cooking and in drinks.

Osmanthus tea is a caffeine-free, sweet and flavourful drink with numerous health benefits. You can drink 100% pure osmanthus tea with its recognizable aroma to experience the refreshing delicious taste.

These delicate flowers can be used as part of blends with green, black or oolong tea. Osmanthus oolong tea is ideal for tea lovers who want a fresh green oolong with floral balance to the brew.

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Osmanthus Tea Benefits

Just imagine, you have a cup of tea filled with beautiful garden blossoms that is miraculously healthy for your body!

Let us have a look on the health benefits of osmanthus tea –

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Osmanthus is a well-known herb that has some rare antioxidants compounds, thus helps in detoxifying your kidney and lever. This tea contains catechins and flavonoids that help in removing harmful toxins from our body.

2. Diminishes Oxidative Stress

According to research, osmanthus flower has a mild sedative effect on animals. It relaxes the mind by reducing oxidative stress and improves our brain function.

3. Skin and Eye Health

This tea made from Osmanthus flowers is very beneficial for people suffering from dry skin. It has the ability to improve skin tone and replenish the skin’s glow and colour. It also improves eyesight if consumed on a regular basis.

4. Reduces Phlegm and Stasis

Osmanthus reduces cough and phlegm. It reduces the thick saliva in the throat and even reduces stasis (the slowdown or stoppage of body fluids).

5. Weight Loss

It does not burn your calories, instead it supresses your appetite which will help you to curb binge eating and thus helps you in losing weight. According to the recent research, the aroma of osmanthus decreases the activity of appetite stimulating brain chemicals.

6. In Treating Allergies

The anti-allergic agents present in osmanthus tea helps in reducing congestion in the throat. It also boosts lung health.

7. Preventive for Diseases

Traditional Chinese medicine claims that osmanthus tea has the power to remove the excess nitric oxide from the body which can help reduce the risk of the onset of diseases like cancer and diabetes, making it a popularly recommended drink.

8. Vital Nutrients

This healthy tea provides vital nutrients like cobalt, selenium, manganese, molybdenum, trans-alpha-carotene, trans-beta-carotene, and neo-beta-carotene B. Thus, it relieves the body from fatigue and prevents drowsiness.

9. May Ease Menstrual Pain & other Stomach Aches

This tea may help to ease your menstrual cramps and also reduces other stomach aches that are caused by bloating or gas or diarrhea.

Osmanthus herbal tea is popular among Chinese seniors with a weak digestive function because it improves digestion and treats intestinal diseases.

10. Combats Free Radicals

Osmanthus has ample amount of phenolic acid which is known for combatting free radicals. The free radicals can cause cataract, cell damage, chronic inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

Easy to Make Osmanthus Tea Recipes

Osmanthus Tea Recipes
How to Make Osmanthus Tea (Three Home Recipes)

How to Make Pure Osmanthus Tea?


  1. One teaspoon of dried osmanthus flowers
  2. 2 teaspoon of honey or sugar
  3. Boiling water


Put the dried flowers in the cup. Pour the boiling water in it. Cover the cup and let the flowers steep for 3 minutes. Add honey or sugar and stir.

How to Make Osmanthus Oolong Tea?


  1. Oolong tea: 5 grams
  2. Dried osmanthus flowers: 1 gram
  3. Hot water


Add the oolong tea leaves to a cup of hot water. Pour dried osmanthus flowers in it. Cover it and let it steep for 3 minutes. Stir it well and serve.

How to Make Osmanthus Green Tea?


  1. Green tea: 5 grams
  2. Dried osmanthus flowers: 1 gram
  3. Hot water


Prepare the green tea in a cup of hot water by steeping it for 3 minutes. Then add the osmanthus flowers and let it steep for a while. Serve it hot.

You can consume pure osmanthus tea at any point of time without encountering trouble sleeping, thanks to its caffeine-free quality.

Enjoy any of these recipes and go healthy by osmanthus benefits.

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