Pressure Points for Headache

Pressure Points to Stop Headache or Migraine


The Problem of headaches or migraine is a common pain problem around the world. From children to grown up adults everyone suffers from it. The migraine problem is an effective one which lasts for more than a day. Sometimes the headaches are there for only a few minutes but it makes a person stop at whatever things they are doing. The Human body is having pressure points to relieve headache and migraines. These pressure points are situated all over the body from head to toe. In this post, you will get information about different pressure points for headache or migraine.

Seven Pressure Points for Headache or Migraine

1. Pressure Point at Third Eye

Third Eye Pressure Point

This pressure point is right in the middle of yebrows just above the nose bridge. It is the nearest and effective pressure points for headaches. This pressure point not only gives release from headaches but also performs very well in removing sinuses problem and tension in the area of head, eyes or face. You can perform this exercise within a week or when having headache. Place the finger on the pressure point and apply some pressure on it. Keep applying the pressure for few minutes and release it. There are few pressure points to the sides of this pressure point, just move the finger on the side to left and right and check for the right point.

2. Pressure Point at Bright Points

Pressure Point at Bright Points

This pressure point is situated right under the tips of both eyebrows near the nose line. In both the areas, there are two pressure points which can be used to simultaneously. Apply fingers of one hand on both pressure points for a minute. It is also a great exercises to get instant relief from sinus problem. For other tension problems, these pressure points are also effective and a person just has to try if it works for them or not. If having trouble in using one hand then use both hands.

3. Pressure Point at Welcome Fragrance

Pressure Point at Welcome Fragrance

These pressure points are placed on the right and left the side of the face. You can find it under the cheekbones beside the nostrils which aligned to the pupils. Apply the pressure on this pressure point using one finger of any hand. Keep applying pressure for more than a minute and release it. You can apply pressure in this area for three to four time in a week when there is a headache. With the elimination of headache pain, it also works as a delight at curing congestion related problems too.

4. Pressure Point at Temple Region

Pressure Point at Temple Region

Near the temple region, there is a pointed chain that curls throughout the ear point. These pressure points also work very well for migraine problems. The first point is situated near the tip of the ear and then other point’s curls next to them. Place the first finger on the first point and then use another finger one after the other. Apply the pressure for a minute and release it. Use this pressure point when suffering from migraine problem or apply it at least once in a day.

5. Pressure Point at Neck

Pressure Point at Neck

When having headache and migraine problem at the back of the head this headache pressure points works like a charm. There are two effective pressure points that work effectively. The point is located at the midpoint between the spine and ear. To use this pressure points take the fingers from the front and apply pressure on it for a minute. This pressure point can also be massaged in a circular motion on your own as ask help from someone else.

6. Pressure Point at Union Valley

Pressure Point at Union Valley

It is situated at the hands. The point is placed at the web of index fingers and between thumbs. Both the hands are having it and pinching the flesh of one hand using other hand works. This pressure point is not hard to find and at any point of a headache. It not only helps in removing headaches but works well for neck pain, toothaches and arthritis.

7. Pressure Points at Feet

Pressure Point at Feet

Unlike the hands, there are pressure points on feet as well. Both the foot is having one pressure point that gives an instant relieve with the problems of headaches and migraines. The pressure point is located between the bigger toe and the toe next to it just half an inch under it. Start with a small massage and then apply pressure points for migraines for 5 minutes. There are other pressure points to stop headaches between the fourth and fifth toe just a half inch under.

The Right Time to Visit a Doctor

The headaches and migraines are common problems which occur to every human being. These pains do not occur from time to time. If the pain persists for long time and occur frequently then it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Of course, in normal cases pressure points work well for headache and other health conditions. But in severe condition it is highly recommended to visit an expert.

Visit a doctor if any of below conditions are there;

  • Due to a headache, there is distortion with a blur in the vision
  • With a headache, there is fever, nausea, diarrhea or vomiting
  • A constant headache where pressure points are not working
  • Headaches coming and going timely which has no relive over the body

With a headache there is a constant change in the life of a person which makes a person have a change in their behavior. With the pressure points to relieve headaches which can be performed anywhere while working or when doing nothing. For applying pressure to these points there is no need to ask help from anyone. It is required to know the right area for applying pressure to them.

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