10 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Coronavirus Infection

Prevent Corona Virus Infection

In this article, I will discuss 10 most important lifestyle changes you need to adopt right now to prevent coronavirus infection.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has transformed the world in the last four months.

People are getting infected with Covid-19 at a rapid rate as no vaccines are available.

The entire way of life has changed to a new path to fight against corona.

So, have you ever wondered about the possible futures for mankind to face?

The nation’s economy has got the highest hit with people losing their jobs, business people running in loss because of lockdown, and the overall health industry is in a vulnerable position.

But still, all are hopeful and positive to bounce back.

All are trying to cope with the present scenario to prevent coronavirus.

This crisis will rebuild you into a stronger human being, producing something better.

To prevent this infectious disease, you need to apply a few lifestyle changes in your day-to-day life.

Social distancing, the most crucial prevention, is going to last for a longer period.

All the countries around the world are already implementing it.

Several other measures are also part of our routine these days.

Here’s the list of some twists you need to make in your lifestyle to stay safe from this respiratory disease.

Let’s have a look one by one…

10 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent COVID-19 Infection

1. Maintaining Good Hand Hygiene

Frequent handwashing with soap and water is a primary need to protect from getting infected. This is the most effective way to stop spreading coronavirus.

Like normal cold and flu, the coronavirus is also spread through human droplets from coughing and sneezing.

It can come to your hand if you touch the contaminated surfaces where the infected person may have touched.

Thoroughly washing your hands for 20 seconds will kill the germs.

You can also maintain good hand hygiene if you keep applying a sanitizer with 70% alcohol content to your hands frequently.

These are the essential key factors to control the pandemic.

2. Trendy Masks, Part of Fashion

Everyone is taking care of themselves by wearing face masks in public areas. While doing so, the masks are becoming part of everyday fashion.

The adaptation of the masks as protection from COVID-19 is slowly entering the mass as apart of trendy fashion.

The masks are now the everyday fashion accessory which the designers are also paying extra attention to it.

The companies have started producing stylish masks keeping in mind the demands of the market.

3. Have Food with High Antiviral Properties

The global death toll due to covid-19 is going beyond 2.5 lakhs. With no definitive cure for the disease, people are opting for a healthier lifestyle.

In this widespread panic scenario, you need to stay calm and try out everything that can increase your immunity towards infectious diseases.

It is important to add food items filled with antiviral properties.

Nutritious food in your diet will boost your immune system.

Garlic, cinnamon, clove, yogurt, mushroom, etc. are a few examples that you can include in your everyday diet regime.

Besides it, you can go for these 15 vitamin C rich fruits known to boost immunity of our body.

4. Work From Home Option

The coronavirus outbreak has created havoc for all of us. Almost all companies are opting for work from home practice.

As soon as the state has declared lockdown, employees are facing a tough time while coping with the work from home (WFH) scenario.

If you are an office-goer, techy, or your job is related to the computer, now you are sitting and working at home. Several hurdles that are faced by all are:

  • Proper work-area
  • Planning workflow or multi-tasking
  • Getting organized with all the necessary things
  • Facing challenges with Wi-Fi and other technological things
  • Proper communication with your office colleagues and managers

Amidst all these, you are successfully avoiding all harmless distractions.

Let productivity come naturally.

Stand up and walk for five minutes in between work so that you could bring out the best.

5. Online Classes for Children

Another huge lifestyle change has appeared in the lives of your children. The pandemic has transformed education from the classroom to online classes.

As the schools and colleges shut down, billions of students are into e-learning.

Worldwide, there’s a dramatic increase in the remote-teaching through digital platforms.

Virtual tutoring, video conferencing, and various other online learning processes are providing significant help during this COVID-19 pandemic.

6. No-Touch Salutations

A new way of gratitude is popular nowadays.

No-touch salutations for welcoming others are the need of the hour.

Handshaking and hugging were common ways of greeting others until 2019.

This year coronavirus has changed the lifestyle in yet another way of physical distancing.

The way of saying hello to the world has got this sudden change to avoid the coronavirus infection to spread.

7. Say No to Gatherings or Parties, More Family Time

In the age of coronavirus, gatherings and parties are histories.

Now, tiny weddings and small funerals are part of the restrictions made by the state.

The lifestyle of people has changed related to partying with extended family at the dinner table or barbeque corner.

Now, it is the quality time that you can spend with your closed one inside your house.

The sudden increment in family time has brought great pleasure for the young ones.

8. Children Opt for Indoor Games

As the children are stuck at home, unable to go out for playing, they are entertained by indoor games like board games, computer games, craft ideas, etc. as it says ‘old is gold’, bring out the games like monopoly, carom, chess, cards, ludo, snake and ladder, etc. for the entire family to have some amazing time together.

9. Special Care for Grocery Items

Earlier, you didn’t need to worry about any items brought from the supermarket.

But now, you are taking extra care for all the grocery items, fruits, or vegetables.

The thorough cleaning of all these items is compulsory because of this coronavirus.

This unavoidable cleaning process is required as long as coronavirus is going to stay in our lives.

Sanitizing all the packets, boxes, and bottles is part of the daily routine to reduce the risk of virus content.

10. Connecting Virtually

All these years, you were asked to reduce the virtual world connect. But right now, the time is expecting you to connect with others virtually.

Due to lockdown, many of you can’t visit your parents, friends, or relatives’ place.

There’s a huge rise in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networking sites’ usage.

People are connecting over coffee with friends, birthday celebrations, or through live video chats.

To stop the spread of this virus, you are taking the utmost precautions.

Slowly, these preventions are becoming a major part of your lifestyle.

These lifestyle changes are for the overall maintenance of good mental and physical health hygiene.

Encourage your friends and family to follow the guidelines to overcome this state of the pandemic.

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