We at are ardent followers of a concise and strict Privacy Policy aimed at catering to the needs of our users and subscribers and therefore consider an Extensive Privacy policy imperative to effective customer service.

Basic Elements of our Privacy Policy

Adherence to Privacy

The privacy of our readers is of prime importance to us. This is evident from the choices you can make about sharing your information with us. We collect and use your information as per your preferences and discretion, and we make a notice pertaining to this easily available on our home page. A disclaimer and privacy message also pops up wherever; personal information may be required, to notify you of the same.

Assimilation of Data

This privacy notification applies to all the information that is collected on our Web page. There may be products that you may wish to order and request delivery as well. Information from the user is sought only when the user wishes to subscribe to our website or services.

For browsing the website, no information is needed. You may also wish to take surveys or participate in a poll. In such cases primary information may be needed to maintain records. Some of the information that we seek from our users is:

  • Name and Age
  • Email Address mainly used to verify the authenticity of the reader
  • Nationality and Gender

The need for your information

We do not need you information except for the following purposes:

  • To add a personal touch to your experience
  • Improvising our website
  • Establishing a faithful relationship
  • Customer relations and Customer Servicing
  • Catering to needs and requests made by the subscriber/customer
  • Process Transactions in case you are placing an order
  • Meeting legal requirements for managing the Web Page

To be noted: Any information shared by you is confidential and will neither be sold nor exchanged at any costs or for any reasons. There is no reason whatsoever that justifies the transfer or sharing of the information provided by the user with any Third Party Leads. In case, such may be required, a prior consent from you would be taken on records.

The information about your personal or public details is used only to process, dispatch and deliver the order that you have placed and is not shared with any Third party; unless to the extent where it is necessary to complete the order that you have placed.

Though you may register with us to receive our newsletters and catalogues, information which is filled on the website shall not be shared with third parties unless a separate registration form is filled.

For enhancing the performance of our website, we use non-identifying and aggregate set of values, without disclosing your personal details.

For any promotional offers or linked services, your permission is always sought before you approve of the suggestion. We at do not use any portion of your information at our free will.

Data Security

Preventing Unauthorised access and to maintain the accuracy and organisation of data is of prime importance to us. This is why correct and apt use of the customer’s information is subject to the application of physical, electronic and managerial methodologies to protect and secure the data and information which is assimilated online.

Children’s Privacy

Any child below the age of 13 years is not allowed to register on the webpage. This is why no part of the website is designed at attracting anybody below the said age of thirteen years.

Protecting your information

We guarantee you total privacy whether you are simply browsing the website or placing on order. This is why special care has been accorded to our website to be completely secure of any data theft or conspiracy. It has been designed in a manner such as to provide the optimal levels of data security and privacy. An elaborate security statement has been designed keeping all loopholes and threats in mind guaranteeing all our readers a No Privacy Breach Service. This has been ensured by the use of technologically advanced security protocols that eliminate the chances of any improper usage of the Users Information.

This has compelled us to create a safe and secure environment with successful implementation of various security measures for the safekeeping of your personal information. All the accesses to the databases are granted to the personnel and authorities who are attributed with Special set of rights to access such security and Data Assimilation Systems and are bound under contracts to keep the information confidential. The whole system of stringent quality and personification of security of information has been made with an objective to build a level of trust between the user and the Website while using the webpage.

What are Cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are small files that are transferred form the online source to the hard drive of the device that you are using. Over the time accumulation of cookies can slow the machines performance. These files provide a piece of information about the user or the preferences dear to the user. We also adhere to the policy of using and displaying third party advertisements to support our website.

DART Cookies

Google AdSense is an advertising service which is offered by Google on our webpage.  We at Dish for Diet use a Double Click Cookie mechanism for user behaviour, adverts , and products/Services which we offer. Please visit to disable all Double Click Cookies on the system.

Third party links used in our website

Occasionally, we do use third party links on our website to enhance our knowledge or to promote a certain Service. However as soon as you migrate from our website to the other website, our Privacy Policy ceases to be in control and the Privacy Policy of the other website becomes effective. Hence, we do not hold ourselves responsible for an infringement of data confidentiality on other websites and hold no responsibility for the authenticity of the content or services provided by these parties. We are trying hard to provide quality information and thus, poor, irrelevant third party links may subject to remove anytime without prior notice.

Age Screening and Criteria

Under access to validation of information, we do not intend to attract a user below the age of thirteen years and do not permit registrations of children below thirteen years of age. Our efforts to bring to your doorstep the best information, services and products are solely intended for people above the age of 13 years.

A notification and validation of the age is needed in the registration process. We also immediately delete the user account ad all relevant information as soon as we come to know that the user account has been created for a user lesser than the specified age criteria.

Editing and updating information

Users for are allowed the access of editing, reviewing and changing any segment of information that has been provided to us at their free will. For any issues pertaining to the data editing and changing, or a system error please contact us at dishfordiet [at] gmail [com]

Changes to the current Privacy Policy

We reserve the inherent right to upgrade, change or edit the Privacy policy from time to time without any prior notification or permission to be granted. The updated or the new privacy policy shall also be made public and posted for all users’ access at this location.

To be Noted: By using the website, you agree that you have read all the terms and conditions, and agree to them with a full understanding and comprehension. Please visit the Privacy policy section often to stay updated about the policy and its statutes.

Please contact us at dishfordiet [at] gmail [com] for any further assistance over the understanding and acceptance of the privacy Policy.