Rambutan Fruit: Nutrition Value and Health Benefits

Rambutan Fruit

We have seen so many fruits and there benefits till now but Rambutan is somewhat different in many aspect. Believe me once you add this fruit in your regular diet your taste buds will surely thank you.

What is Rambutan & How Does It Look Like?

Rambutan Fruit

This fruit is small, Pink-colored with spiky hairs on the skin native to Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is a medium size tropical tree which belongs the family of Sapindaceae of the genus Nephelium with binomial name Nephelium Lappaceum.

If you see this you will come to know that it is closely related to lychee, Longan and Mamoncillo.

In native language Rambut means hair which reflects hairy protrusions of the fruit. This fruit is also popular with name “Chom Chom” with reference to messy hair.

This fruit is small but provide considerable amount of vitamin C which boosts immunity to fight various diseases and also flushes toxic from body. 

Rambutan Nutrition for 1 Cup (214g)

Calories and fat  
Calories 175
Total fat  0.4g
Sodium 23.5mg
Iron 13percent of daily value
Magnesium 3percent of daily value
Calcium 4percent of daily value
Potassium 89.9mg
Total carbohydrate 45g
Protein and fiber  
Dietary fiber 1.9g
Protein 1.4g
Copper 2.5mg
Vitamin C 47percent of daily value
  • It can provide 4.7 percent of calories that you may consume daily. Meet your nutritionist and determine your intake of calorie based on your age, height, lifestyle and your gender.                                                                 
  • 1 cup (214g) serving of fresh pulp of this fruit provide about 47 percent of its daily value for vitamin C. where vitamin C is used as dietary remedy for the common cold and flu. Such fruits with good amount of vitamin C flush out the toxic substances & metals from body also deal with stress.
  • Rambutan is very low fat fruit with 0.4g per serving, it also provide 1.4g of protein.
  • To prevent the fatigue and dizziness that can come with anemia due to low iron in your body this fruit provide an optimum level of iron i.e.13.8 to 31.2 percent of the amount you need each day.
  • By incorporating this fruit in diet one will get 5.6 percent of daily recommendation of phosphorus. Phosphorus helps filter out waste in the kidneys and is necessary for the growth, maintenance, and repair of all tissues and cells. Rambutan is a rich source of calcium – calcium and phosphorus together helps in strengthening of teeth and bones.

Rambutan Health Benefits

Rambutan is rich source of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that may cause disease like cancer, inflammation and even heart disease. So let’s step toward some more benefits of Rambutan.

Can Aid in Diabetes Treatment

According to some studies Rambutan’s peels possess anti-diabetic properties and shows a reduction in fasting blood glucose levels.

Can Prevent Weight Gain

This fruit contain dietary fiber of 1.9g that in a way, aid weight loss. However there is no specific research that claim for its weight loss property.

Improve Heart Health

As I have told you earlier that this fruit is rich source of fiber which reduces the risk coronary heart disease, it is also helpful in treating hypertension and lower cholesterol levels otherwise both can damage the heart.

Take Care of Bone Health

As I said earlier that it provides plenty of phosphorus and according to medical science phosphorus majorly contribute to enhance and maintain your bone health. Vitamin C also helpful to maintain the bone health.

Cut the Risk of Cancer

Rambutan is also known for its Antioxidant content so if you focus on this property then you will find that this reason is enough to say that this fruit can fight cancer cell as well or might be a good choice to tackle with the pain during that period & this fruit can also be used for treatment of liver cancer. These antioxidants can fight inflammation and protect the cells in the body from getting affected.

Also the abundance of vitamin C is useful in this regard. It nullify the effect of free radicals and offer protection against different form of cancer.

There are also studies which revealed that the peels of this fruit can disturb the growth of cancer cells. One study also says that if one eat five Rambutan a day then he’ll be able fight cancer.

Accelerate Wound Healing Property

Many researchers have said that Rambutan has been used for its anti-bacterial property since ancient times. Some studies certainly claims for antiseptic property of this fruit, it has been used as home remedial solution for defending body against numerous infections. It is also found that this fruit accelerate the wound healing and prevent pus formation.

Best Treatment for Hair Related Problem

The antibacterial properties of Rambutan would possibly deal with dandruff and other scalp issues like itching. And the nutrition C inside the fruit can nourish the hair and scalp.

It brings the shine and prevent the premature graying of hair.

Best way to use this fruit for this purpose is by making juice and applying it on hair and sitting for 15 minutes before shampooing as usual.

Copper in this fruit also prevent hair fall by making hair root stronger than before.


Rambutan not only gives satisfaction to your tongue but also your health. It is just like weapon to face the problem starting from your hair to cancer problem. If you ask me then I will surely suggest you to go for it if and only if you are not suffering from any other problem, so better is first consult to your doctor and then incorporate it into your diet.

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