Rhinoplasty Myths

Rhinoplasty Myths Debunked!


Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular and well-known cosmetic surgeries. Most people have a general idea of what rhinoplasty is, but there are many myths and misunderstandings about the procedure. If you’re considering having rhinoplasty surgery, you should make sure you know what’s fact and what’s fiction. Here are seven myths about rhinoplasty:

Myth 1: Rhinoplasty is Painful

Rhinoplasty is always done while the patient is under general or local anesthesia. Most people use general anesthesia for the surgery, which makes them sleep through it. Local anesthesia makes the entire operation completely painless, too. You may experience some pain during the first day or two of your recovery. However, it’s very mild compared to many other surgeries. Most patients only rate their post-surgery pain a three or four out of 10.

If you do have more severe pain, your doctor may prescribe painkillers to take while you recover. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers to ease the discomfort. The swelling and bruising may be uncomfortable, but a rhinoplasty is a fairly painless procedure.

Myth 2: Everyone Will Know you had Rhinoplasty

Many people consider undergoing rhinoplasty, but they don’t want everyone to know that they had a cosmetic procedure. It’s a common misconception that the results of rhinoplasty are so obvious that everyone will notice. Your friends and family will see a difference in your face, but it should look very natural and subtle. Rhinoplasty only involves the nose, so the rest of your facial muscles will not be changed at all. Once the swelling and bruising have subsided, it won’t be obvious that you had surgery.

Myth 3: Rhinoplasty Will Make Your Face Stiff or Emotionless

It’s a very common stereotype that facial plastic surgeries freeze your facial muscles or make you expressionless. This is completely untrue for rhinoplasty. Because the surgery only changes the bone and cartilage in your nose, it won’t affect your facial expressions. All of your facial muscles will be unaffected, so you can smile, laugh, and express any emotion just as easily and noticeably as you did before the surgery.

Myth 4: Rhinoplasty is Just for Cosmetic Purposes

The majority of patients who undergo rhinoplasty do it for cosmetic purposes. However, rhinoplasty can also improve the function of your nose. The surgery can correct a deviated septum, narrow airways, or other structural issues that make it hard to breathe. A functional rhinoplasty can make very little or no change to the appearance of the nose. Some people combine a functional rhinoplasty with a cosmetic rhinoplasty, so they can improve the function of their nose while also enhancing its appearance.

Myth 5: All Surgeons Can Perform Successful Rhinoplasties

Anyone with a license to perform surgeries can legally perform a rhinoplasty. However, this doesn’t mean that every licensed surgeon can perform a successful rhinoplasty. Botched rhinoplasties are often caused by surgeons who aren’t specially trained in working on the nose, and it’s much safer to see a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty or in facial plastic surgery. You’ll see much better results, and you’ll know that you’re in good hands when you go in for the procedure.

Myth 6: You Can Get an Exact Copy of a Celebrity’s Nose

Many people believe that rhinoplasty involves choosing a celebrity’s nose that you want to copy, just like people choose hairstyles from celebrity magazines when they go to the hairdresser. In reality, most rhinoplasty surgeons are cautious when patients say they want a particular celebrity’s nose. It can be difficult or even impossible to copy someone else’s nose during the surgery, so patients who have this goal may be disappointed with their results.

Also, everyone’s facial structure is different, so a nose that looks great on a celebrity may not look so great on your own face. Instead of comparing your nose to another person’s, your doctor will use your own facial features as a guide to determine what changes to make to your nose.

Myth 7: Only Women Get Rhinoplasty

While it’s true that the majority of all rhinoplasties each year are on women, the surgery is not just for women. Many men feel insecure about their noses, and rhinoplasty is just as effective for them as it is for women. Every year, more men undergo rhinoplasty for cosmetic or functional reasons. Also, because it won’t be obvious that you had a rhinoplasty, men shouldn’t worry about the stigma surrounding male plastic surgery.

Dr. Daniel G. Becker, MD is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a clinical professor of facial plastic surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, and he was named a top doctor for rhinoplasty by Philadelphia Magazine. His practice, the Becker Rhinoplasty Center, is located in New Jersey.

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