Pro Tips to Practice Romanian Deadlift – Benefits and Key Variations

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian deadlifts are one of the most promising and difficult exercises. This exercise puts stress on the hamstring muscles and known to make your lower back stronger.

It is the exercise that helps in the strengthening of both core and lower body. To perform this exercise one needs to know the right technique.

People who are concerned about how to do a Romanian deadlift will find this article helpful. We are sharing all the important information about this challenging exercise.

Romanian deadlift works on the areas like lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. This amazing exercise is performed by keeping legs a little straighter than the traditional deadlift with the knees little bend.

The Romanian deadlift is a performance based exercise. Most of the weight lifters and power lifters use this movement.

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How to do Romanian Deadlift?

Step 1

First of all, you need to hold a barbell in front of the thighs keeping the shoulders apart.

Step 2

Then, you need to bend a little and roll the shoulders back and take your shoulder towards your spine.

Step 3

Now, you need to press your hip at the back and go forward towards the floor.

Step 4

Keep the barbell close to your thighs.

Step 5

Now finally, you can stand straight making sure that you do not use your back or core to standing.

3 Benefits of Romanian Deadlift

There are a lot of Romanian deadlift benefits, some of them are mentioned below –

1) One of the best exercises for hamstring and glute

Most of the people concentrate on leg exercises like squats, deadlift, etc. These exercises are heavy and concentrate on quad muscles. The dumbbell Romanian deadlift is the best exercise that focuses on glute as well as hamstring. Most of the weightlifters perform this exercise to get the body they desire.

2) The alternative of a deadlift

This exercise helps with the mobility of your hips. If you are the one who cannot perform the traditional deadlift perfectly, you can practice Romanian deadlift and it will help you to perform the traditional deadlift further.

3) Helps with a better running experience

Romanian deadlift helps you to perform better quadriceps. It provides you with a better running experience as it majorly works on leg muscles and you can run well when you can balance your leg muscles.

Key Variations


Romanian deadlift is pretty complicated to master. You can either use a PVC pipe or maybe broomstick when you are getting started with the exercise instead of the barbell.

You can try single leg deadlift

This exercise majorly targets on hamstring and glutes and challenges your balance. You can also perform kettlebell or dumbbell Romanian deadlift instead of a barbell Romanian deadlift.

RDL vs. Deadlift

Romanian deadlift is a multi-joint exercise that focuses on hips and knees whereas the traditional deadlift focuses on the spine.


Romanian deadlift is considered to be one of the best exercises that focus on flexibility and hamstring muscles. Most of the weightlifters perform this exercise to achieve mobility. Most of the bodybuilders prefer this exercise because it helps with flexibility and with that, they can perform all the different exercises that require mobility and flexibility.

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