Kids Weight Loss

Safe and Effective Ways for Kids to Lose Weight


As a dedicated and responsible parent, you probably want what is best for your children, and one of the most important things is definitely their health. In this era of modern technologies and fast food it is virtually impossible to stay as fit and healthy as people from the previous decades.

Children are especially prone to putting on weight because they love to play video games and eat all sorts of delicious and unhealthy sweets. If you are worried about your kids putting on weight, we offer you several safe and effective ways for them to lose a couple of pounds.

Talk to a Doctor

Before you decide to do anything, take your kid to see a doctor and ask for their opinion about your kid’s weight. They will tell you if there really is a problem, how much weight your kid should lose, and give you a useful advice on how to make it happen. Putting your child on a diet without at least consulting a doctor can be a bad move, so you should always check with them first.

Also, opting for a strict diet is not a good idea, and any nutritionist will be glad to help you in planning out healthy meals which will lead to safe weight loss.

Healthy Snacks

The easiest way to put on weight is to eat a lot of unhealthy junk food, and this often happens in between meals because children reach for unhealthy snacks out of convenience. Swap the snacks in your household with healthier alternatives like fresh fruit and vegetables.

There are so many recipes for making delicious granola bars so you will have enough material for many weeks. You can also offer your children healthy sweets like strawberries dipped in dark chocolate or apples dipped in raw honey. These are nutritious and delicious but not harmful for their health.

Take in More Proteins

When deciding what to cook for lunch or dinner, opt for leaner meats instead of red ones. Red meat found in steaks and hamburgers often contains a high percent of fat and should be avoided if you’re trying to lose weight. Fish and chicken are excellent replacements, and beans are an option for vegans and vegetarians.

Experiment with food and try making all kinds of vegetable side dishes and sauces for these meals, not just the ready-made salad dressings and a plain tomato. Next to protein, fibers are also important for digestion and weight loss, so include those in your meals as well. What is more, you should try avoiding carbonated and soft drinks like sodas because these are rich in sugar.

Be Active

Being active is the most effective way to lose weight and become healthier. However, it’s different with kids than it is with adults: adults can start going to the gym and working with a personal trainer, but for kids that’s not really an option. The best thing to do is to get moving together with your kids and get the whole family involved. Take your family to a jump trampoline park and let them jump on a trampoline for as long as they’d like, encourage them to take their pet out for a walk, and go on long walks in the countryside all together as a family.

This way, exercise will not be so difficult and you will be spending some quality family time together.

Getting your children’s weight under control is going to be a difficult task, especially since they don’t always see new diet as something that’s fun and healthy, but merely boring. Be persistent and strict about keeping up with the new routine, and explain to them that all these changes are for their own good, so that they would stay healthy for the long years to come. In the future, they will look back to this period and feel gratitude and pride.

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