Should you Wear Shapewear to the Gym

Should You Wear Shapewear to The Gym?


Fitness instructors tend to say that if you lose weight fast it’s neither healthy nor permanent, and if you go to the gym with that intention – boy are you wrong! On the other hand, you are constantly bombarded with TV and online ads about products that do miracles – like body shapers. The million dollar question here is: Do they work? Can you really burn more calories by wearing thigh shaping shorts and toning tops? Well, opinions differ, and someone would call wearing shapewear “cheating” your way to a great figure, others consider it useful, while some adore it for its efficiency. Let us try to discover just how efficient shapewear is, and should you be wearing it to enhance your gym trainings.

How Exactly Does It Work?

So, we have all heard the buzz around shapewear, especially since high-profile celebs like Tyra Banks and Gillian Anderson proudly proclaimed their love for Spanx, but how exactly does this godsend wear work? Besides creating the illusion of smaller figure, thinner waistline and flat stomach, body shapers compress specific body parts, which allows them to stimulate the deepest muscles. Also, shapewear can improve your posture and protect your spine by impacting the muscles of the abdomen which stabilize the core. If you choose the wrong ones, however, you can worsen your workout performance by compressing the stomach and shortening your breaths. This way, you’ll become tired faster, and fewer calories will be burnt.

Does It Live Up to the Hype?

This depends largely on your expectations and the type of shapewear you choose. Sure, if you buy a cheap copy, you won’t get what you hoped for. On the other hand, should you opt for quality body shapers you will be able to lift, tuck, tighten and tone your trouble zones, not only while wearing it. Shapewears are a compression gear so they improve performance and help with muscle recovery, if worn for about an hour after you have finished with your workout session.

Why Is It Gym-Appropriate?

Besides the compression feature, shapewear (if chosen properly) can help boost your performance and improve your exercise technique. Loose-fitting clothes can catch on bike gear and other exercise machines, which can make your workout uncomfortable. Body shapers, on the other hand, help you maximize your exercising efforts, and make the results instantly visible.

The Perk of Self-Confidence

Many ladies avoid going to the gym because they’re uncomfortable with looking at their bodies in the oversized mirrors. Sure, they are going to the gym to lose weight, but it is a long journey that can easily be interrupted with the lack of confidence. Being comfortable and believing in yourself will help you look – and feel – better while exercising. So, if you have to choose between tummy controlling panels and giving up the gym on the first sign of insecurity, we say, go for the “tummy manager”.

How to Choose Shapewear?

Not all body shapers are equal, so you should look for the ultimate quality and comfort, if you are planning to wear them to the gym. Never try to size down to get extra firmness, since it will impact your workout performance. Choose medium (instead of strong) constriction to get more comfort, and avoid negative influence on your range of motions. If you are wearing workout tights over your shapewear, make sure that they have compression zones on the thighs and the rear, so that the shapewear does not show through your workout clothes. Last, but not least, opt for cotton-blend shapers, to keep you cool throughout your workout session, since nylon and spandex usually don’t allow your body to breathe.

So, to answer the first question – yes, you should wear shapewear to the gym, but only if you choose the appropriate fabrics and pieces, that do not have a negative impact on your performance.

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