How Shrunken Glands Might Lead You To Need A Breast Lift?

You might have thought about having a breast lift, but you probably do not know why you need one. It is not enough to want to change your body, you should learn why. You can make a lot of changes to yourself if you are planning on having surgery, and the lift might be caused by shrunken glands that you were not aware of.

Read more about what you need to do to make certain that you have an option that will make you feel good and give you your confidence back.

Shrunken Glands & Signs of Them

Shrunken glands happen to women all the time because they stop breastfeeding, they have a loss of tissue in their breast, and their glands shrink. This could cause your breasts to sag even more than they already have, and this might make you feel as though you need a lift. This is a common condition, but you need to talk to the doctor about what you can do to make your body look nicer. This is not just a matter of doing a lift. You need to have an idea of how much they have shrunken so you know how much help is needed.

You can usually tell that your glands shrank when you have checked your own breasts for the tissue and weight that you were used to. The glands shrank so much that you feel there is not as much volume in your breast as there used to be. Because of this, it becomes a problem that you cannot solve any other way.

Your breasts will not fit into a bra as they did, and they will fall differently than they did for the majority of your life. Be sure that you have taken a look at how much your body is changed so that you can explain to the doctor what you think needs to be done.

Who is a Candidate?

Any woman could have this procedure done. You simply need to talk to Dr. Roland first to see if you can be cleared. He has to make sure that your body is ready for the surgery, or you might have other procedures that need to be done first. You have every right to ask for a second opinion, or you could have Dr. Roland do more than one procedure when you come to his office.

Why Do You Need A Consultation?

Breast Lift Consultation
Breast Lift Consultation

You need a consultation that will allow the doctor to have a look at your breasts, have an idea of how much mass needs to be shifted to make your breasts look better, and how that will change the size of your breasts. You need to see how the procedure works, and you need to have an idea of what will look like when you are done. Computer models can give you the answers to these questions, and you can keep pictures of those models so you know what you are looking at when you are about to have surgery.

The choices that you make when you are trying to change your body probably include some sort of breast lift. However, you need to be sure that you:

  • have asked about how the procedure works
  • can be cleared for it
  • get an understanding of what the results will be

Most women who want to get a lift need to see every other option before they come to a conclusion. You could come to a conclusion today, or you might prefer to make a choice that will include a lift and something else. Keep an open mind so that you can look your best and feel beautiful.

How Do You Have The Surgery Done?

The surgery is done in Dr. Roland’s office, and you are given all the help you need when preparing in the office. You recover in the office, and you are given a recovery package that you can use to make sure that you know what to do when you get home. You might want to have someone with you so that they can take you home and look after you. You also need to get a prescription for pain medication if it is needed. You are put in a special dressing that will be used to keep your body healthy as it heals, and you will schedule appointments that can help you follow-up with Dr. Roland. You need to talk to Dr. Roland about what he thinks your progress looks like, and he will explain anything that you need to be careful of.

How Long Does A Lift Last?

The breast lift that you have done will last for a very long time because your body will look much more perky and youthful. You cannot have your glands shrink any more, and you will see the difference in your body because you have been through the process of changing your body and updating yourself. You can have the lift updated if you ever need to, but most women can make their lift last a lifetime if they are on a clean diet and get a little exercise.

Visit Dr. Donald Roland, M.D.’s site or come into the office for a consultation over a breast lift in NYC. Someone who is hoping to change their overall appearance needs to be certain that they have talked to Dr. Roland and asked what their best options are when they have shrunken glands. There are a number of solutions that you might try, and each of them could lead to a much better body, more confidence, and a better overall look as compared to what you would have had in the past. This is only the beginning, and you can use Dr. Roland as your guide when you are ready to change your body.