Ways to Calm Down

Simple Ways to Calm Down Yourself Quickly


Sometimes it becomes hard to control our emotions. Some unexpected situations, health problems, feeling of sudden loss and many other unpredictable conditions trigger emotions badly. There are certain ways to calm down that can help you to get rid of such upsetting emotions.

In this write up we are discussing different conditions that cause distressing situations and possible techniques that will help you to calm yourself down quickly.

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How to Calm Yourself?

Frustration, anxiety, upcoming events like exams, results, interview, and presentation can also trigger your emotions in a bad manner and cause disturbing conditions. Certain calming techniques such as; yoga, exercise, get together with friends, visit to calm place are some of the best ways to calm down yourself quickly.

How to Calm Yourself Down When Frustrated?

Ways to Calm Down when Frustrated

Frustration is a common emotional response related to anger and disappointments. Causes of frustration are varied which might be internal or external.

Inability to accomplish individual goals, lack of confidence or fear are considered to be the main causes responsible for internal frustration. External causes of frustration can be varied from one person to another. Thus, it’s hard to define common causes of external frustration.

Calming yourself is the best way to get rid of such frustrating situations. There are several ways that you can follow to calm yourself down when frustrated, such as:

  • Diverting yourself is the best technique to calm your mind.
  • Avoid tasks that frustrate you.
  • Regular practice of meditation.
  • Excuse yourself for a moment and stop what you are doing.
  • Try to spend time with whom you feel calm.

How to Calm Yourself Down from Anxiety?

Ways to Deal with Panic Attacks

Anxiety or panic attack is something which should not be avoided. Self-analysis on some anxiety symptoms such as, what you are doing, how you are behaving, what you are feeling and what you are thinking can help you to calm down from panic attacks.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and panic attacks (racing heart, nausea, tremors, and intense fear are symptoms of panic attacks.) can be managed by practicing several minds calming techniques such as;

  • Breathe deeply to reduce the hyperventilation.
  • Focus on your senses to control the constant flow of thoughts.
  • Forced yourself to do something which can distract yourself from your phobia.
  • Do exercise to relax your muscles.
  • Do not ignore and suppress your emotions.
  • Think of something which is positive and makes you feel happy.
  • Focus your thoughts by writing down your feelings.
  • Music therapy for anxiety works effectively.
  • Arrange a get together with your friends or family.

How to Calm Yourself before Exams, Results, Interview, and Presentation?

How to Keep Yourself Calm Before Exams

It’s normal to have stress regarding some important upcoming events like exams, results, interview, and presentation. However, an overwhelming level of anxiety can affect your performance. Thus, it should be treated in a way which reduces the stress without disturbing your caliber. Here are some main causes that trigger stress before facing some events such as;

  • Being more anxious.
  • Lack of preparation.
  • Bad experience in previous exams.
  • Poor health can also cause stress before an interview or presentation.

Follow these steps to calm down yourself before big days of your life such as;

  • Keep yourself prepared in advance.
  • Avoid tasks which are not important and focus on vital aspects only.
  • Don’t feel overconfident.
  • Make yourself comfortable before attending an exam or interview.
  • Prevent long periods of reading as it can affect your mood and concentration as well.
  • Take short breaks.
  • Don’t waste your energy on frivolous tasks.
  • Practice meditation.

How to Calm Yourself When Angry?

Way to Calm Down when Angry

Anger is an emotion which can create a history of good deeds and bad deeds. There are many movements which are believed to be an outcome of anger or frustration. However, in most cases, the feeling of anger is proved dangerous and self-destructive. Thus, managing anger seems a little difficult for many of us.

We have come up with some ways that will help you to keep yourself calm when angry such as;

  • Keep murmuring gentle phrases such as “take it easy,” “cool off,” “all is well” or whatever that works for you.
  • Try to avoid situations which make you feel angry.
  • Take a long walk or go on running.
  • Visualization about your favorite places is an effective mind-calming technique.
  • Count reverse from 100 to 1.
  • Wash off your face with cold water.
  • Watch comedy movies or read something which amuses you.

In brief, knowledge about the right techniques of calm down can save yourself from some devastating situations. The regular practice of these skills makes your life peaceful and healthy.

“Keep Yourself Calm to avoid the Need of Balm”        

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