Amazing Soursop Benefits and Nutrition Facts you Should Know

Soursop Benefits

Soursop is a fruit having a delicious flavor and amazing health benefits. The long fruit planted on evergreen timber of tropical region and weighing 2.26 kilograms and more. This prickly fruit comes from the Graviola tree, native to tropical regions of America, Mexico & Caribbean. Botanically speaking, this fruit belongs to Annonaceae of the genus Annona with binomial name Annona muricata.

This fruit is also popular as custard apple, guanabana, and Brazilian paw. A practitioner of herbal medicine not only uses this fruit but also uses the leaves of Graviola tree to get rid of stomach ailments, fever, parasitic infection and many more and thus this fruit can be thought of a blessing from God. But claims of “anti-cancer property of this fruit” have fascinated more people but there is no medical evidence to support it.

In this article, we will discuss the nutritional value of soursop and different health benefits ones can get from eating this tropical fruit.

So let’s step towards the nutrition facts of Soursop for 1 cup, pulp (225g)

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Soursop Nutrition Facts

3. Calories & Fat

According to the nutrition facts database if there is a serving of soursop is 100g then it contains 148 calories and a very small amount of fat around 0.7 i.e. 1% of daily value.

2. Carbohydrate

The natural sugar concentration gives approximately 38g of carb which is slightly higher for those who are following the low carb diet in which maximum carb allowed is 34g.

Note: this value of carb is for 225g of soursop.

3. Protein & Fiber

This fruit provides up to 2.3g of protein and 7.4g of dietary fat which is useful for solving stomach problem. If you calculate then you will find that it is providing the 30% of daily value for fiber & 5% of protein.

4. Vitamins

Vitamin C=46.4mg i.e. 77% of daily value for vitamin C. Good in providing Vitamin B which includes folate, niacin, and thiamin around 7%.

5. Minerals

  • Potassium =626mg i.e.18% of daily value
  • Magnesium =47.3mg i.e.12% of daily value
  • Sodium=31.5g which is 1% of daily value
  • Calcium=31.5mg i.e. 3%
  • Iron=1.4mg i.e. 8%
  • Phosphorus =60.8mg which is 6% of the daily value

Note: Percent daily value is based on 2,000 calorie diet

Amazing Soursop Benefits – Eat to Feel Better and Healthy

Antioxidant Property of Soursop

If we talk about the health benefits of soursop then you see that many of the advantages are based on its antioxidant property.

Antioxidant nutrient phytonutrients which are present in green plants to provide there color, flavor & to protect it from the harsh environment is also present in soursop.

Research have shown that soursop is helpful in reducing lung cancer which happens mostly due to exposure to radon gas.

Now a question has come to your mind that in which way this is going to be advantageous to you? This property of antioxidant reduces blood pressure, inflammation & cholesterol & can fight disease causing cell and treat various kinds of tumors. Isn’t it fruitful for you?

Treat Infection

Soursop can also be used to treat infection caused by bacteria and parasites which generally include leishmaniasis, is a disease which is transmitted through the bite of sand fleas. Soursop can also be consumed as to treat coughs and vomiting because many times bacterial infection causes vomiting, cough & very common fever and many more symptoms. Graviola or soursop or Graviola tea is efficient to fight infection related problem.

Helps to Ameliorate Eye Health

As we discuss that the soursop is loaded with antioxidants and at the same time the 77% of daily value for vitamin C is provided. It has been found that these two properties with carotene, vitamin E & iron helps to improve eye health.

Helps Relieve Stress

The antioxidants present in soursop reduces the oxidative stress, so it can be used to treat stress and issues like depression.

Improve Gastrointestinal Health

It also possesses the antiulcer properties. It reduces the oxidative damages and preserves the gastric wall. Its anti-oxidant property and anti-inflammatory property improves gastrointestinal health.

Immunity Booster

Surprisingly, all parts of this fruit have an ability to stimulate the immune system. Soursop leaf extract is used in a treatment for immunocompromised patients. Soursop juice contains a good amount of micronutrients, the pulp is a good source of vitamin A and the fruit is also rich in Vitamin C which is known to strengthen the immune system.


Soursop is a good fruit but everything has two faces from which we saw an aspect which was good at the same time this fruit has some limitation which is not applicable for everybody but should be taken care of, otherwise, soursop benefits are many that can enhance your body.

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