Suffering From Headaches? Try Massaging Instead Of Pills


Everyday stress, deadlines and personal problems represent major influencing factors in one’s health. People consume themselves daily because of their problems and scarcely have time to rekindle with life’s small pleasures and moments of pure intimacy and happiness. We are often urged to find a medicine to cure all our aches and pains, forgetting that we might trigger other pains in reverse. We are contaminated with countless daily commercials claiming that popping pills for every single thing is the right thing to do and the only way to get rid of pains and improve our lifestyles. We aim to live longer, but we degrade ourselves in the process simply because we forget to learn how to listen to our bodies and seek alternative measures instead of pills.

Now, I’m not saying that all medicines are evil and that we can cure even the most devastating diseases by simply applying to alternative ways.

However, there are numerous aches, daily pains caused by stress, spending too much time focused on one thing and lack of sufficient brain oxygenation that can be easily cured without rushing to the nearest drugstore and buy pills.

Take headaches, for instance. They can be caused by a thousand of factors and often enough are temporary. Again, a stressful day or spending too much time in front of the computer can cause headaches, similarly to having a poor diet or walking in the cold weather without wearing a warm hat. Luckily, this small-intensity, yet annoying headaches, can be easily cured through specific massaging techniques, without having to appeal to pills. Here is how to do it:

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Start with the base

If you had a tensioned time at work or simply are very tired after a long day, there is nothing simpler to reduce the stress and calm your muscles than taking a long and hot bath. You may even skip the bath per se and simply jump into the shower and let hot water splurge all over your body for five minutes more than usual. This will help de-tension your muscles, release pain and help all your body relax and be more willing to accept further head and scalp massages. Use aromatic bath washes or highly scented aromatic oils to not only smooth your skin but also induce a state of peace, calm and serenity. Chamomile and lavender essential oils are especially effective when it comes to reducing stress.

Scalp massages are always welcoming when you add some drops of essential oils as well. Pick your favorite scent and rub it between your palms to warm it up a little bit before placing your hands on the scalp. Use circular and steady motions along the neck and the scalp. Apply extra pressure on some well-known power centers: under the nose, near both eyes on the temples, right above your nose, between eyebrows and don’t forget about the ear lobes.

Massage the face as well

Face massages may seem a little bit strange at first, but they are great ways to release tension, promote good blood circulation and eliminate headaches. The key to a good face massage is to use large circular movements to apply pressure. Massage the forehead and going down to the eyelids, with putting pressure, as previously mentioned on some key points – especially the temples and under the nose. You should also focus on the cheeks and forehead. Ear lobes and the area behind your ears usually gather loads of tension, so don’t forget to massage this area as well.

My neck, my back…

You may think that applying massaging techniques to your scalp and face will immediately release tension and determine your headaches to miraculously disappear. In some cases, you may experience a diminished intensity in your headaches, but most of the times you will also require a special neck and back massage to release all tension. And, since the human head weights on average around eight pounds, you can only imagine the amount of pressure put on your neck daily. Let your head loose and relax the neck muscles as much as you can. Apply strong pressure directly behind your scalp, where the neck ends. Use both your hands to create a steady and constant pressure behind your back, on your neck to release all tension and calm down. Alternate these moves with firmly pressing the lobes of your ears and massaging the entire ear. This will help de-tension the entire area and improve blood circulation which will further lead to a better brain oxygenation.

Pull my hair? Not in this movie

Without degenerating into an erotic type of massage, pulling your hair just a little bit may prove beneficial whenever you experience an intense headache. After applying the firm touches previously describes, especially on your temples, behind your back on the top of your neck and on your ear lobes, pulling your hair just a little will improve blood flow and help you get rid of your headache once and for all.

If everything else fails, simply find the best head massager for headaches or take a pill.

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