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Sugaring Hair Removal – Everything You Need to Know About It


Sugaring Hair Removal

Hair is one of the first lines of defense of the body against the attack of harmful microorganisms as it traps these organisms. There is no doubt that it has been serving the body well enough.

However, there are parts of the body where hair can be unwanted. Areas such as the legs and armpits may seem to look not that pleasant with hair. This is the primary reason for the birth of hair removal systems. One of which is the sugaring hair removal.

While it may sound rather peculiar to you, it has been practiced way back ancient times. Egypt has been one of the most advanced cultures during the olden times and this sugar hair removal is practiced during that time already.

The ancient belief that hair removal may bring out that youthful glow to women is basically the purpose why the mixture is developed. Until now, being hair free on certain areas of the body has continually been the measure of beauty.

How does this sugaring hair removal work? It is made up of ingredients such as lemon juice, sugar and water. Some ingredients that will add up to make a paste are just added. The application goes like that of waxing too. You will need to distribute the mixture on the area of concern.

Usually it is applied opposite of the direction of hair growth. The mixture will then trap the hair follicles just like what wax does. A fabric strip is then applied on the area to be pulled out when it has come in contact with the paste.

Generally, the results would tend to extend up to 4 weeks depending on your own perspective of how long a hair should grow to again allow yourself to do the sugaring hair removal. When this process is done most of the time, the hair growth would tend to be weakened thus making the process a lot easier as you progress.

Sugaring Hair Removal

It is good to let the hair grow longer before you finally attempt on using the process again. This is because of the fact that the mixture is not that effective in removing short hair growth.

The greatest advantage of the use of sugaring hair removal aside from the fact that it is cheap is the truth that it comes to be safe to use. The ingredients are all natural. Rashes and other chemical reactions are never possible as the mixture comes from ingredients with natural sources.

Also, the mixture does not need to be that hot unlike that of wax which eradicates the possibility of burns. Generally, if you are concerned of the safety of hair removal, this is the best resort.

There is nothing as fulfilling as having to touch your smooth skin that is free from unwanted hair. What is more rewarding is the fact that you can achieve this skin in a manner that will not hurt your pocket. So if you are into hair removal dilemma and would want to get rid of hair that you are sick about, why not consider this option?

The Advantages of Sugaring Hair Removal in Getting Rid of Unwanted Hair

Sugaring hair removal might be new to a lot of people. But the fact is that it roots from the ancient practice of removing unwanted hair. During the olden times, getting rid of unwanted hair is a must if you want to be regarded as beautiful.

Today, it has continued to be one of the measures of beauty too but with the use of wax and modern treatments. However, there are certain benefits of the use of sugar in cleaning up unwanted hair that you may want to consider.

Sugaring hair removal is probably the cheapest and most affordable type of treatment to get rid of unwanted hair. Given the economic disposition of people today, there is nothing as fulfilling as having the wanted result in a lesser price. The ingredients of the paste used in the process can be found in the kitchen which may delight every eye.

Primarily, it is just a mix of sugar, lemon and water. Furthermore, it saves you from passing through treatments with the same results but would demand you a higher price.

The use of this gel may also save you from the pain of wax. You may find that when the wax strip is released from the skin, there is pain as the hair is pulled out. It is because the wax sticks securely on skin while with the use of the gel, hair follicles are trapped but the jelly formula will not hurt that much.

Since wax is hot, the advantage is posed to sugaring hair removal. Hot wax touching the skin may cause burns. Though it rarely happens, there is still the possibility of burns which in turn would damage your precious skin.

Soft Skin

Sugaring hair removal is safe. The ingredients used to make the paste are of natural sources and the temperature of the paste would barely hit you. This makes it a safe mixture to try.

Surely, you would not want that skin of you to be touched by chemicals that in turn may harm your most guarded skin. Some waxing chemicals can even cause rashes especially if you have delicate skin.

Cleaning the area after the hair removal is easy. Ingredients are water based which means that you can easily wash it off with water, grab a clean towel, pat the area dry and you will come up with a squeaky clean result. This is in contrary with wax treatment that may leave your skin rather greasy and that water will not wash off hair readily.

A hair free skin on the areas where there is supposed to be no hair is truly great. It boosts up your confidence level as it lets you appear as clean as possible. Yet not all hair removal processes may give you the advantage that sugaring hair removal gives.

Summing it all up, this process delivers cheap, safe and pain free way to get rid of unwanted hair. Moreover, it can be easily prepared with ingredients that are right in your kitchen.

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