Sup Yoga

5 Benefits of Sup Yoga


Have you heard of SUP Yoga, the latest trend in the yoga world? Wonder what it’s all about? Do you feel like adding a bit of fun to your practice?

Well, the solution is right here, and it will definitely help you advance your regular practice, even if you are just starting out!

So What does SUP stand For?

S – Stand

U – Up

P – Paddle

Sound Fun?

So, replace your yoga pants with a bikini and get on board!

SUP Yoga is a new practice which has already gained thousands of followers from all over the world.


The list of sup yoga benefits goes on, but just to quickly highlight what makes it so special: it’s new, it’s challenging and it generates a lot of positive vibes! If you are a yoga practitioner, I really suggest, you try it out at least once.

SUP yoga is a great way to take your personal practice to a completely new level. And you get to breathe fresh air and enjoy nature at the same time!

If “challenging” and “fun” are not enough for you to give it a go, here’s why I believe you are gonna love SUP yoga too!

Five Benefits of SUP Yoga

1. Develop Better Balance

Let’s be honest, yoga is difficult enough on stable ground. In fact, some balancing poses require months of regular practice to master. And even if you are an experienced yogi yourself, you might still occasionally fall if you don’t focus!

Now, imagine doing Vrksasana (Tree Pose) or Garudasana (Eagle Pose) when your “ground” is constantly moving back and forth!

Sounds challenging? It is, indeed. But it is also one of the best ways to keep you mindful of your balance. Your breathing slows down, your heart beats slower and you are forced  to focus on the smooth transition between poses.

I guarantee that after a few months of SUP yoga practice, there will be nothing that can make you fall over!

2. Activate More Muscles

Practising yoga in the water is a great way to engage the muscles of your body you most likely didn’t even know existed. If at the end of your practice you feel quite sore, know that you just did your body a huge favor.

SUP Yoga requires practitioners to develop strength in a variety of muscles which are responsible for keeping you stable while performing various asanas. For instance, practicing Virabhadrasana I (Warrior Pose I) is an excellent way to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles.

Furthermore, SUP yoga is a great solution for all those who want to stay fit and highly motivated at all times! Even during everyone’s favorite resting pose, Shavasana (Corpse pose), your muscles have to be activated to prevent you from rolling off your board!

3. Develop Mindfulness

There is no better way to keep focused on your body than the threat of unexpectedly losing your balance and landing in cold water!

Doing Stand Up Paddle Yoga is also a great opportunity to start working on your breath control. Mindfulness is developed not only during the poses but also while transitioning between them.

Your breath slows down and you become more mindful of the sensations in your body. The practice feels more intense and you are able to cage your monkey mind and simply be present in the moment and perhaps experience some inner peace.

Trust me, SUP yoga will help you advance your practice in a way you would never expect.

4. Strengthen Your Core

SUP yoga is a great option for anyone who wants to work hard during their practice. The results are astounding. Most practitioners develop very strong core muscles helping make faster progress in their regular practice. Even basic beginners’ poses, such as Vasisthasana (Side Plank Pose) or Utthita Chaturanga Dandasana (Plank Pose) require you to engage you all of your core muscles.

The board is constantly moving, so in order to make it to the end of practice dry, you have to be prepared for an  intense workout!

5. Fun And Stress Relief

Practising yoga outdoors is a unique experience. Being surrounded by nature, you automatically feel more connected to your body and to the outside world.

SUP yoga has become a great alternative for yogis who want to incorporate more outdoor activities into their daily schedule.

Practising yoga on water is not only very rewarding for your body, but also for your mind. You learn to observe your thoughts and quieten the noise in your head.

The practice is a great stress-reliever and really is a lot of fun, all at the same time. What more beautiful way to release tension and negative energy, than meditation or a few Surya Namaskaras (Sun Salutations) during a beautiful sunrise or sunset!

As you can see, SUP yoga has entered the yoga world and it seems to be sticking around. Given all the amazing benefits it provides for the practitioner, I have no doubt this form of yoga will only attract more yogis.

Challenge yourself and see where this adventure takes you! You might just accidentally fall in love with SUP yoga too!

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