Tanning Salons and Associated Health Risks

Tanning Salons and Health Risks

Do you like to stay young and beautiful at the cost of your health? No, we should not compromise with our health. Tanning Salons are highly visited places when it comes to a tan. They tell consumers that tanning salons is a healthy way to consume Vitamin D. However, this is a misleading statement usually made by tanning industry people.

This write up is discussing about the associated health risks and negative effects of tanning beds.

Tanning Salons are providing service of cosmetic tan. To execute it, they are using specially designed tanning bed that emits UV (Ultraviolate Radiation). It consists of 24 to 60 fluorescent lamps, each of 100 to 200 watts. On the other hand, home tanning beds consist 12 to 28 lamps of 100 watts.

Whether you get cosmetic tan in salons, at home or on beach, over exposure to UV rays will cause severe skin diseases, cancer, arc eye, and other health issues which can ruin your beauty. Thus, tanning is something which should not be performed carelessly.

Due to its negative effects World Health Organization does not recommend tanning salons. According to some studies, chances of getting skin cancer from tanning beds are high and it can cause severe skin cancer like “melanoma”. Estimated 90% of melanomas are caused by UV exposure. It includes Ultraviolate exposure from the sun or artificial UV tanning devices, such as tanning beds.

Watch this video in which one Melanoma patient’s (Ashley Trenner) last wish includes warning about tanning beds:

Do you Really Get Vitamin D from Tanning Salon? Think, Again!

Yes, but tanning salon is not a safe way to get Vitamin D. Instead you will get it from sun, supplements and your diet. It would be much better to follow expert diet tips to consume essential vitamins and minerals.

Does Indoor Tanning is Healthy?

No. it’s not! According to one research conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, over exposure to UV radiation from indoor tanning equipment before the age of 35 increase the risk of skin cancer and premature aging.

Should you Ignore Side Effects of Tanning Beds?

Yes, but at your own risk! There are many people who actually know the associated side effects of tanning beds and sun lamps, but they ignore it. (Read a Story of Such Ignorance – Why I Still Use Tanning Beds).

Ignorance can put you at higher risk of dangers of using tanning beds such as, wrinkles, premature aging, cataracts, etc.

Are Tanning Beds Safe? What’s the Conclusion!

Well, tanning should not be a part of your healthy lifestyle. All ways of tanning including sun tanning, tanning beds or tanning sun lamps can damage your skin cells.

Conclusion is, don’t ignore, no reason to trust tanning salon’s misleading affirmations, find a better alternative and get proper knowledge about indoor tanning and outdoor tanning before going to tanning salons to acquire it.

Written by Nyk

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