4 Unknown Ways to Build Muscles Fast

Ways to Build Muscles Fast

According to a study by Concordia University, while exercising is good for increasing muscle mass, most people end up compromising their health due to over-exercising and excess use of mass growth substances.  In some cases, the desire for bigger muscles has resulted in people having mental problems.  Trusting any workout activity and substance that promises to add muscle mass account for the most disappointments experienced by most workout enthusiasts.

Want to build muscles but not sure where to start, here are some less known ways to achieve bigger and stronger muscles really fast.

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Four Unknown Ways to Build Muscles Fast

1) Consume More Calories

The eating norms for exercising to lose weight aren’t the same as those for building muscles. If your goal for working out is to cut extra fats, your calorie consumption should be low. Alternatively, if your goal is to make your muscles bigger and stronger, you must increase your calorie intake. Taking more calories when exercising will fuel your body to repair worn out muscles. This ensures the body won’t burn your muscles to fuel its operations. Instead, it uses the extra calories to run its operations and build the muscle tone and size.

2) Eat Superfoods

Exercising is the ideal way to maximize muscle mass. According to health professors, the right exercises can see you gain more muscles really fast. Yet, no workout is effective enough to work on its own. To achieve maximum muscle mass from exercising, you must include the perfect diet for your exercising. Some of the foods studies and health professors recommend are the ones rich in carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, copper, selenium and healthy fats. These foods are commonly known as superfoods and they include eggs, bison meat, oats, salmon fish, milk, and quinoa.

3) Use Of Anabolic Steroids

Anabolic steroids like testosterone propionate are known to stimulate the production of the muscle fiber precursor cells often known as a satellite.  The activation of these cells ensures they can be fused to your muscle fibers to grow your overall muscle size. They also aid to increase the number of nucleuses in your muscle fibers and androgen receptors which leads to the creation of bigger muscles. Since it includes anti-catabolic and anabolic properties, it aids to boost the creation of more muscle mass and quick muscle recovery after workouts.

4) Cut Off Alcohol

Alcohol consumption is the root of all unsuccessful muscle growth plans. It causes hangovers that reduce workout intensity and protein synthesis by up to 20%. It makes you feel fuller hence reducing your calorie consumption which results in your body burning your muscles. Alcohol is known to lower testosterone levels which in return inhibits proper muscle growth.


All of the four ways to build muscles fast we have listed above are proven to work. Anyone can successfully use them to double their muscle size within the least time possible. While each of these hacks is effective and reliable using testosterone propionate as a way to increase your muscle mass is proven to be the most effective and reliable.

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