What is Ojas: A Brief Overview

What is Ojas

What is Ojas?

Ojas is one of the three delicate forces in our body. Ojas is considered the compartment that keeps up your stamina and it is the absolute strength resource of the body and mind.

It is the sacred identity of Kapha and it is related to reproductive, hormonal, and cerebrospinal fluids. Ojas Ayurveda is the force that facilitates us to maintain changes over time.

The more Ojas we have, the more impervious we are to the negativity of others, as our spirit has a good, strong container. Ojas gives us an overall sense of satisfaction with life. As you might suspect, our modern Western culture is chronically low in Ojas.

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Purpose of Ojas in Our Life

Ojas and Immunity

In the Ayurvedic belief, there are a lot of things that are connected to immunity with Ojas. Strong Ojas performs like a fresh surface supporting you to wipe off pressure and illness created by physical pathogens as well as psychic pathogens.

Ojas becomes a reserve of strong stability and the answer to an active immune system. The practice of revival is all about delaying the aging process, increasing our immunity, and giving rise to our body, mind, and spirit back into a state of proportional balance.

Ojas in Pregnancy

Ayurveda has an extensive habit of helping and improving pregnancy and building the Ojas is useful for an active pregnancy period. The ayurvedic practitioner often proposes beginning to build healthy Ojas months before trying to conceive. Ojas nourishes all of the tissues in the body.

According to Ayurveda, the health of our reproductive organs and fluids depend entirely on the health of the other tissues. So whether you are continuing to boost fertility or assure a healthy journey through pregnancy, birth, and more on the idea of Ojas is essential.

Ojas and Diet

A balanced diet is necessary because it is only with a healthy and equal digestive capacity that we can transform the nutrients from the foods we eat into the suggestive essence of Ojas.

Ojas this build brings a fresh and glowing effect to the skin and rejuvenates your mental health as well. Ojas is a long-term force that stays with us for a healthier future if we preserve it the way it is entitled to.

How to Build Ojas?

Self-massage oil which is in the historical ayurvedic practice is a perfect option for building Ojas. If you are into creating Ojas then such elegant herbal oil massage is proposed daily.

But even performing massage a few times a week will work wonders to nourish the tissues, comfort the nervous system, benefit the health of the lymph, and facilitate a sense of overall comfort and well-being.

Boosting our level of Ojas is not just an issue of creating it up. It is also about not losing or consuming it inappropriately. When we spend a lot of time on social media drinking coffee and texting friends, we lose energy through the five senses in the surge we aren’t even aware of.

This leaves us feeling tired and can bring on depressive or nervous sensations. The practice of meditation recommended building Ojas controls our senses by moderating our speech and physical energy and provides us with proper relaxation, and sleep which helps us in conserving our vital energy.

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