Which Fitness Trends you Should Follow in 2015?

Fitness Trends

Modern gyms have become the more high tech and equipped with varied workout instruments than traditional workout classes. They keep innovating new trends to provide something new which avoid repetitions of the same exercises daily. It helps trainers to keep away their customers from boredom, excuses, and absence. The addition of new fitness trends doesn’t just keep your workout center breathing but also help you to get the top notched position in the fitness industry. Here we have mentioned few fitness trends 2015 which you can offer to your customers as a fitness trainer.

Below mentioned trends are not just for trainers but it also helps trainees while selecting the best workout center which is well-found with updated fitness trends.

Fitness Trends

1) Competitive Drive Class

What if you can know the progress of your workout in real time or how you are doing better than your competitor? It seems quite interesting, isn’t it! The Modern competitive cycling classes similar to trade milling in the group have now got modern touch with Torqboard. The trainer will keep flashing the big screen with real-time statistics of all individuals performing the cycling class. It helps you to monitor that how fast you are than your competitor and also keeps you aware of your cardio progress during the exercise session.

Thus, it is quite impressive and motivating modern fitness trend to have in your gym.

2) Ariel Yoga

This is an innovative form of yoga which allows people to feel like they are hanging in the air. This is a quite popular exercise among yoga enthusiasts. In which people are hanging on the soft fabric called Hammock which is hooked up to the ceiling usually.

Some people consider it “dangerous workout” because if you do it with carelessness you will find difficulty in landing in the normal position and might cause the serious muscular stretching problem. However, if it would be done under expert guidance you will experience amazing twists in the air.

Thus, its worth to join Ariel yoga classes to make your 2015 more flexible and healthy.

3) Group Personal Training

It is quite a different fitness trend which has become much popular in this year. Professional fitness trainers or popular workout centers have organized group personal discussion sessions which consist of three or four people having same fitness requirements.

4) Body Weight Training

If you cannot afford high tech and costly gym then this trend is for you in 2015. It enables you to have exercises with different variations and fewer instruments. It does not include only traditional push-ups and planks, but it also consists of several reformed variations of traditional bodyweight physical activities as well.

5) Strength Training

Incorporation of physical activities which can improve your strength and stamina has become the central core of daily workout regime of many fitness centers. They have included some strength improving exercises such as squats, deadlift, rope lifting, bench press, calf raise, etc. Of course, it’s not a new trend but still get success to maintain its trend even in 2015.

In short, the above mentioned current fitness trends are an excellent way to enhance your workout experience.

       “Follow Modern Fitness Trends and Forget About Old Fitness Tents”

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