Why Do Women Gain Weight After Marriage

Why Do Women Gain Weight After Marriage And What You Can Do About It


Many couples want to spend all their extra time with their loved one after getting married. This is definitely an enjoyable part of being newlyweds, but it might also lead to unhealthy weight gain. Eating often becomes a central part of your new life and self-care tends to go out the window.

According to statistics, newly married women gain around 26 pounds on average during the first four years of marriage. Interestingly enough, couples who live together, but aren’t married, don’t experience the weight gain issue to the same degree.

In this article, we’ll tell you why this happens and what you can do about it. If you don’t feel like going through all the trouble and you are looking for an easy way to lose weight, there are many natural, weight loss supplements on the market. Find out more by visiting Research and You.

What are the Reasons for Gaining Weight After Marriage?

Everything Changes

The weight gain often starts on the honeymoon. The wedding – that you have spent so much energy and money on – is over and you can now relax…and then you want to reward yourself with food. After the honeymoon, you move into a new house and you have to adjust to a new schedule and role as someone’s wife. This can definitely be quite stressful. Stress can cause deficiencies of vitamin B, lead to a lack of energy and cause cravings.

Partners Influence Each Other

Newlyweds mostly enjoy meals together and are therefore more likely to prepare foods that they won’t normally eat, just because it’s their spouse’s favorite. The chance is also good that you’ll be eating out together more often and you’ll cook bigger meals when at home.

No More Pressure

People who are still dating work harder to keep fit in order to get and keep the attention of their partner. If you are secure, satisfied and happy in marriage, you might no longer feel the pressure to attract your mate and you are therefore more likely to gain weight.

Self-Care Goes Out The Window

When you were single, you had more time to get your way in terms of time management. You had time to cook a meal exactly the way you like it. You also had time to exercise whenever you want and do the necessary self-care rituals. After marriage, you often have to let go of your preferences and choices and also take your partner’s desires and tastes into account.

Luckily, just as newlywed couples can influence each other to gain weight, they can also influence each other to eat healthily and make better choices.

Few Things to Try to Be a Healthy, Fit Couple

It’s All About Balance

Men often eat more than women and in the early days, mirroring can play a huge role when it comes to weight gain. Women sometimes eat the same amount and same types of meals than their husbands, so it is important to try to become aware of portion sizes. Read more about portion control for weight loss.

Work Out Together

Working out together will not only help you to burn fat, but it will also strengthen your bond. It’s not necessary for you to have exactly the same goals – as he might want to build muscle, while you’d like to lose some fat. You can easily choose activities like HIIT workouts which will help you to achieve both goals. And…you can still have your own workouts as usual, but working out together from time to time does make your goals more attainable.

Do Meal Planning Together

With all the new responsibilities of marriage, it’s very easy to go for the convenient fast food options, as you might often feel too exhausted or lazy to cook. If you want to lose weight, you’ll have to make time to cook. Sit with your spouse and plan your meals for the week together!

Support Each Other

When you feel supported, it’s so much easier to achieve your goals, especially if you get support from your husband. Remember to encourage exercise and healthy eating with supportive, kind words. Tell your husband how important the weight loss is to you and that you really need his help. Tell him exactly what your goal is how you plan to do it – just to make sure that there aren’t any miscommunications. Here are a few tips on how to support your spouse.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Try to limit your time together snuggling on the couch and remember that you don’t own each other and can therefore still lose each other. Keep on working hard to stay healthy and attractive to each other. Keep doing the things that you love, make time for yourself and try to lead an active, healthy lifestyle together.

Follow these simple tips and enjoy healthy happy marriage life.

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