Postnatal Yoga

Why You Should Try Postnatal Yoga?


New mothers spend so much time taking care of the baby that they rarely have time to take care of their own physical and mental health. Postnatal yoga offers just that: some long-overdue “me” time for busy mums. Here are some of the reasons why you should try postnatal yoga.

Benefits of Postnatal Yoga

Recover Faster

Carrying your baby for nine months and going through delivery puts a lot of strain on your body. All this leads to a lot of pain that can be relieved with postnatal yoga poses and pranayama. These poses significantly speed up recovery and alleviate your strained muscles in arms, back, hips and legs.

Improve your Posture

The trauma your body goes through during pregnancy and delivery can lead to many negative effects on your spine. Having a baby in your stomach, lifting it, carrying and nursing all cause your back to suffer. But, if you regularly practice yoga, you can significantly improve your postpartum posture. Yoga poses also open up your chest and shoulders and relieve stiffness in your joints.

Not only yoga, but Kegel exercises also help improve the posture and vaginal health during pregancy.

Tone your Arms and Back

Constantly picking up your kid and putting them down causes a lot of soreness in arm and shoulder muscles. An average mother picks up her baby around 50 times a day! Developing core strength and toning back and arm muscles reduce soreness and postpartum back pain.

Help with Weight Loss

Many mothers experience excessive weight gain during pregnancy, and that stubborn fat sometimes sticks even years after delivery. Shedding those few extra kilograms can be quite tricky without regular exercise. Luckily, yoga can gradually and effectively tone your muscles and get your heart rate up and help you lose that fat. However, don’t get too enthusiastic and try poses that are too difficult as they can put too much pressure on your stomach muscles. But, as long as you take things slowly, there’s nothing to worry about. These classes also require very little experience and equipment. Simply check out some nursing wear, get a cheap yoga mat and hit your nearest studio.

It Helps with Emotions

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of new emotions and your hormones are going crazy, which can cause depression in some women. Postnatal yoga poses can relax your mind and help you deal with your emotions, thus preventing postpartum depression. Once you are able to control and deal with your feelings, you’ll be able to better connect with your child and handle all the responsibility and tasks in front of you.

Practice Patience

Babies can be a lot of work, which can take a toll on both your body and emotions. Balancing your new life and the needs of your baby can cause a lot of stress and irritation. In yoga, you’ll learn how to relax your mind and cultivate patience. This will greatly help you through sleepless nights and hours of taking care of your baby. You’ll also be able to enjoy the time spent with your newborn much more and better connect with your partner.

Connect with Peers

Attending postpartum yoga classes will give you a chance to connect with other new mothers and share your experiences. You’ll learn a lot about motherhood from them and they will greatly help you be a better parent. Spending time with people also prevents depression caused by isolation, and if you walk to your class, you’ll also catch some sun and breathe fresh air.

Even though there’s nothing better than spending time with your little one, sometimes taking time for yourself is what you actually need. When you take care of your body and mind, you’ll be able to offer the best care and support your baby needs. So, make some time in your busy schedule and start postpartum yoga classes. Namaste!

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