Zac Efron Baywatch Workout Plan that You Can Follow

Zac Efron Baywatch Workout

Want Zac Efron Baywatch workout secret? If yes, then below is something that might surely inspires and interests you.

Zac Efron’s perfect muscle man look in Baywatch harnessed the attention of the audience. He got stunning transformation from “High School Musical” time to “Baywatch” in the past couple of years.

Need not to mention that Dwayne Johnson already has lots of fans for the fabulous physique, which attracted the audience for a big hit blockbuster movie. Still, Efron’s performance did an outstanding job for this movie.

After the intense popularity of the movie and the mesmerizing looks of Efron, every man gets the desire to have a perfect look and learn about the workout plan. For a pretty long time after the launch of the movie, it remained a secret but not now.

Zac had 5% body fat while shooting Baywatch, and he reached this stage with 12 weeks of training, claimed by Efron’s trainer.

Are you willing to get a similar look and muscle mass like Zac Efron?

Well, we have the perfect plan that can help.

Check it out…

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Overview of Zac Efron Baywatch Workout Plan

According to his trainer, Patrick Murphy, Efron’s plan includes constantly developing patterns. The addition of new exercise in the existing plan created an intense workout plan which starts slow but offered the best outcomes.

Three days split of the essence by Murphy is the secret of this workout plan. The three essences of the plan were –

  • First Day – Back and Bicep
  • Second Day – Shoulders, Chest and Legs on another
  • Third Day – Arms

On each day, he included a little abs workout. For faster and effective results, Murphy started with a smaller number of sets for the first week but increased the number every week.

Here’s what Murphy has told us about Zac Efron workout –

Nutrition involved daily macros (macro discovery) and the Whole Food Diet approach

Secret in Whole Plan

During the growth, Super setting is the main feature in this plan, where back to back completion of two exercises with no rest during these two exercises helps getting desired results.

In this way, burning higher calories becomes easier and improves the overall “pump,” which can help to get more nutrition-filled blood.

This small tweak is the major reason behind the stunning results, and the best of this Zac Efron Baywatch workout plan is, your blood contains a higher amount of nutrition, and it goes to the muscle, which gives a better growth in a short time.

It doesn’t matter how hard you try and how fast you are doing, a proper plan and implementation matters a lot for effective progression. Apparently, many diet-related plans made this workout successful.

The most important part is, Efron didn’t get the muscle look only; he also performed well on set. The whole muscle look didn’t get into the body movement. Even this good muscle cut and finish get him effective speed and agility.

How to Perform Zac Efron Workout?

By performing each workout once a week and taking rest for one day in between sessions is helpful in storing higher muscle mass. This might seem typical to understand but resting one day in sessions help a lot.

Apparently, each exercise is marked and paired as “Exercise A” and “Exercise B” for easier understanding. These two exercises should be completed back to back. In easy words, complete exercise A and then complete exercise B without taking any rest.

After completing both exercises, take rest for one minute, and then you need to complete pending sets, which are indicated above. Once you are done, you can move to the next superset, and you are good to go now.


To get Zac Efron like muscle mass and body, you need an adequate diet plan, effective implementation of given workout, and proper rest. Make sure to avoid foods that can increase the body fat by intense and also have a look at carbs that you are consuming.

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