Zef Dacaj – Young Online Fitness Coach Sharing His Secret Workout Plan with DishforDiet

Zef Dacaj

My name is Zef Dacaj, I’m currently living in Long Island New York, and my current profession is online coaching and personal training.

About 7 years ago in the junior year of high school, I had a very strict gym teacher who was a professional bodybuilding coach. I had him every day at 8am-9am. The reasoning that I picked this class was because I was very skinny among my peers, although I had good enough strength I wanted to gain size, because of that he recommended that I attend his 8 am class every day, even though I only was supposed to take him once a week. He took us through strength training exercises and taught us the basics when it comes to building muscle and size. This is where I started noticing major improvements in my muscle mass and size.

Unfortunately, in senior year, I got into a very bad car accident, which ended up leaving me in a serious lower back injury that dislocated two of my lower back disks. After that I wasn’t able to go to the gym for about 8 months, I tried to get back but I started getting more pain. I reached out to my coach who I still had contact with after graduating high school. I asked him for help and he was able to train me in ways that I not only have been able to see dramatic results in my body formation, but I’ve also learned a lot of from him.

So I would say that my passion for fitness began at an early age and more so after being able to recover from a bad back injury. Now I train regularly about 4-5 times a week and it has become a lifestyle that has changed my life for the better in many ways.

My current fitness field is somewhat broad because I was able to learn a lot more than just strength training or building muscle, I was also able to learn a lot on cardiovascular training, fat loss techniques, strength conditioning, which gets me clients of all different type.

My clients are mostly men, in their mid 20’s that are trying to gain size. Although recently I’ve gotten a lot of women needing help with fat loss, or getting lean and toning up.

If I were to share my message with a bigger audience beside those of my clients that I have weekly skyped check-ins with them and my social media following on Instagram “@zefsfitness” I would say that being fit in the fitness industry all starts with health.

What health is defined as is? the wellbeing of a person. Be healthy in your mind and body, start off by changing your lifestyle which will affect you mentally first and then physically. Create and make a positive lifestyle and focus on changing your attitude toward life, this is an easy gateway to a healthy lifestyle which will include eating healthy, giving up certain bad habits, and exercising.

Plyometric exercises are great if you’re trying to do quick and very effective workouts, I not only include them in my clients weekly/monthly workouts, but I also do them myself. Great way to exercise if you’re trying to target cardiovascular strengthening without having to run or jog (not a big fan of running or jogging).

My Favorite Workout Plan Has a Split of 5 Days

Day 1 – Shoulders + Traps + abs (Shoulder focused)

Day 2 – Back + Biceps + (Back Focused)

Day 3 – Chest +  triceps + Abs (Chest Focused)

Day 4 – Legs + lower back (Legs focused)

Day 5 – Arms + Abs ( arms Focused)