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Zwift Cycling – Best Virtual Fitness Training Program Review

Zwift Cycling

Indoor training became highly popular since the virtual fitness training programs entered in the fitness market. The virtual fitness training programs are extremely motivating and undoubtedly these programs add a new dimension to the boring old indoor training sessions.

The virtual fitness training apps and trainers offer you a digital environment where you can connect with your friends, trainers and cyclists from all around the world for achieving some rigorous workout goals.

Among ample of top notch training programs, Zwift is the virtual training program that has transfigured indoor cycling to a whole new level.

So if you are wondering to giving it a shot, here’s everything you should probably know about this highly admired virtual fitness training program.

What is Zwift?

Zwift is widely popular as an online gaming platform devoted to providing high end indoor cycling experience. It is a game that helps you link your turbo trainer with your devices like computer, iphone or ipad and experience preeminent cycling in the digital world.

The main purpose of this virtual fitness training program is to eliminate boredom from indoor training while making the cycling experiences more thrilling and realistic.

Zwift offers three main courses namely Richmond, London and Watopia and these worlds offer 5 unique routes for the cyclists. The riders can pick their routes and experience stress free riding in a virtual environment.

Zwift training program encourages socializing, group racing and tranquil cycling while providing the most pragmatic riding environment.

How to Use Zwift?

How to Use Zwift
Know How to Use Zwift

Things You Will Need

Zwift is a complete virtual training program and thus, it comes with multiple tools and gears. You can enjoy indoor cycling while using the zwift turbo trainer or zwift smart turbo trainer. For generating your cycling avatar, these turbo trainers measure the power output of the riders and send this data online.

The turbo trainers are loaded with a power meter and dynamic resistance. The resistance decreases and increases while you go uphill and downhill while cycling. You can use ANT+ or Bluetooth speed sensor during the beginning levels.

Apart from these tools, if you want to connect your devices with the trainer, you will need an iPhone, iPad or AppleTV because zwift only runs on iOS.

Steps You Need to Follow

After gathering all the tools and equipment, you will have to set up the trainer in order to use it. Download the Zwift app in your device and set up an account. The app will ask you to enter some details like gender, age, weight, height etc to generate your perfect virtual avatar.

You can then set up your avatar while choosing your bike and jersey. The variations in jerseys and bikes will increase after you start playing and gain some accomplishments while passing the levels. Once you setup your avatar, you are ready to start.

Best Features of Zwift

The fitness training programs are not worth the investment if they fail to provide you with the most enjoyable and abounding training sessions. So here are the best features of zwift that make it a training program worth your time and money:

Zwift Makes The Rides More Engaging and Fulfilling

Zwift is known for its rich and engaging indoor training experience. While using zwift for indoor training, you can choose a course map of your choice, invite or join a friend for a ride and experience the most happening chases of your training. Chasing friends on their rides and participating in challenging rides will undoubtedly awaken the competitive spirit of yours and will give you a satisfying indoor training experience.

Zwift Keeps You Coming Back For More

Every time you achieve new goal, you unlock some amazing rewards. As soon as you accomplish the tasks you get access to better bike choices, new jerseys and such amazing surprises. Also by reaching new levels, you can unlock new routes. As an example, if you want a supreme Tron bike, you will simply have to ride 50,000m and if you do it, the ride is yours. Exploring the new routes you have unlocked by accomplishing your goals will give you more confidence and will make you perform better. This rewarding system works a magnet for cyclists for sure.

Zwift Improves Your Indoor Training

The prime goal of zwift is to give you a memorable and worthy training experience and thus, the fitness goals and rides will keep you motivated. While connecting with your friends and competing with other cyclists, you will be able to cover more kilometers and surpass your fitness goals.

It Helps You Socialize

Riding alone is not an appealing experience and you can eliminate this boredom while using Zwift. It is a pro at making people socialize. The amazing gaming impact of this trainer will help you connect with your friends, create custom rides, take racing challenges and let you open up. You can also chat with the other riders during the training and this makes the training quite appealing. While sending private messages and chatting with the friends will give you a realistic riding experience where you are able to connect with people while sitting in your home.

It is a Low Cost & Budget Friendly Training

Looking forward to save money? Zwift is only $14.99 /month and you can use it for as long as you want. At this price, you get to explore Zwift’s customized and potential training programs, create your own programs and sync your rides with strava easily. At this price, you get access to an interesting virtual world, ride through the 3 unique courses, socialize, keep your body fit and enjoy the gamifying cycling experience. What more will you ask for?

The Visual Experience Will Amaze You

No wonder that zwift has a gaming background and thus, it has deployed a lot of its attention on visual engagement. Zwift provides you with a great screen that will not let you lose focus from the ride for the entire time. You can witness the numbers of the power time and speed on the display along with your avatar.

The best part is that you can witness your avatar climbing the hills, sprinting through the streets and invading some amazing destinations. The zwift companion app adds into the realistic and rich experience of riding so you can download it for a better visual experience.

This program is designed to impersonate all the real life scenarios you might face during cycling outdoors. How quickly you climb a hill based on your weight, height and other aspects is well inputted in the game and you can start the cycling challenges based on the data. The visual worlds and routes of zwift will provide you with some pleasing landscaping views.

You Get Structured Training Sessions and Serves as a Cool Racing Platform

Zwift can help you achieve some serious training goals while letting you enter the workout mode or group training. There are plentiful of workouts to choose from and you also get the FTP, and full training plans developed by pro trainers. You can have a look at the overall structured of the program, your current power and the power level you should target next.

The structured workouts can be arranged based on the erg mode of the trainer. This mode adjusts the resistance depending on your capability to adjust your cadence. Without having a coach you can choose the most beneficial and helpful workouts for you.

Apart from structured training, zwift also lets you race like a pro. So no more waiting for Sundays, if you are looking forward to race on your bikes. You can choose any category for racing and connect with the zwift app. There are categories like 4.0w, 3.2w, 2.5w and below 2.5w for different ftp. This racing mode will help you remain in shape during extreme winters and accomplish your fitness goals quickly. The races are generally 20-30km long and some riders also push it to 60km.

Exclusive Zwift Workout Plans

Zwift offers customized and intellectually designed workout plans for cyclists and thus is a compelling tool for training. From the FTP tests to Olympic prep plans, there are some really exciting workout plans you can choose from. The flexible training plans let you meet your extensive fitness plans. With zwift training plans, it is simply like having a coach on your side for effective guidance.

For starting the training, you have to choose the plans that match your goals. The FTP booster plans, half marathon run plans and beginner plans are designed to meet individual training requirements.

Here’s how you choose the best training plan designed for you:

  • If you are a cyclist, take the FTP test as a beginner. To understand and set your goals, you might require the correct details about your FTP. This test will help you set proper targets as per your fitness level.
  • For runners, there are some specialized training plans on zwift. Zwift helps you calculate the distance covered and the impact of the workouts on your body. The app will calculate your pace for different marathon runs.
  • All the plans begin on Monday and if you want to select a customized duration, you can also choose the best duration for your workout plan
  • You also get the workout window i.e. you have specific time duration for completing your workout. Also you can adjust the schedules to set and achieve your desired targets
  • Just like the rest days, zwift comes with the facility to lock the workout. This means, after you complete a set of workouts, it will automatically lock the forthcoming plans so that you can rest and relax.
  • You also get the mobile reminders once you sign up with the zwift companion and know about the upcoming workouts
  • There are 9 plans namely PRL100, Fondo, FTP builder,  5km record breaker, active, gran fondo, CRIT crusher, three run13.1, cyclist to10k, Grinder,Tuneup and build me up designed for various purposes like sprinting, anaerobic breathing, marathons, beginners etc
  • The plans are from amateur to pro level plans and suits everyone’s requirements
  • The zwift plan you choose are developed while collaborating with some of the finest coaches
  • The plans are expertly developed and allows you to reach your fitness goals while letting you follow a flexible schedule

The Zwift Companion App

As mentioned above, the zwift trainer is accompanied by the zwift companion app. You need to download the zwift app if you are looking forward to make your indoor training sessions more enjoyable and worthy.

This app helps you use your mobile device just like a remote control for your trainer to make the training social and thrilling. This app allows the users to chat with friends, have a look at the maps, sends you notifications, helps you plan your next rides etc.

To use the app, you will have to download and pair it with the mobile device. Your mobile device and the device that runs your zwift should be connected with the same wifi network. Login with the app and you will be able to browse various features.

  • In the app, when you select the game tab, you will be able to use the built-in map function. This lets you know where you are
  • You get the dashboard provides you with metrics like speed, distance, watts, heart rate, elapsed time, elevation climbed etc
  • Zwifters allows you to browse the fellow riders who are riding with you. While browsing the zwifters, you will be able to join other cyclists and chase them
  • The app allows you to send messages to fellow riders and your friends. It also facilitates group chat so that you can group chat with your nearby cyclists
  • You can also browse the upcoming events in the event category and jump ahead of some events
  • You can also view the list of activities you completed and can set your goals on the app
  • There is a dedicated settings tab in which you can update your profile, change your password, use third party services, change your profile settings, set notification settings etc

Benefits of Zwift App

  • The zwift app is now improved and has also enhanced its ability to connect with the workouts
  • You can pause your workouts and resume them while you are on breaks
  • If you want to change your power, you can adjust the erg mode and modulate your power
  • You get to change the FTP bias adjustments. With this, you will be able to increase or decrease your FTP percentage
  • You can also decrease or increase the resistance of your trainer
  • The app puts you into a virtual world where you can ride along with your friends and fellow riders
  • You will enjoy the rides as the app creates a gaming environment for you to chase the riders and enrich your training experience
  • With Zwift app, you can increase your FTP, endurance and activeness while working out indoors
  • You get to ride the virtual rides with the most realistic feel
  • App also gives the 7 day free trial and get a free training session to experience.

How to Find the Best Trainer for Zwift?

Zwift has developed ample of trainers keeping in mind the diverse requirements of different users. Choosing the best trainer completely depends on some important factors like your budget, your motive of purchasing the trainer, the number of riders that will be riding the bike and your goals. Here’s how you can find the right trainer:

Wheel on Trainers

One of the best trainers is wheel on trainers that are highly flexible and mobile. They are light, easy to move, and adjustable. These trainers are best for those who are more likely to share their rides with some people.

The tyres might slip during extreme efforts and the noise generated by the trainers can become unbearable compared to the other smart trainers.

The Direct Drive Trainers

If you have experienced the traditional trainers, you can choose the new direct drive trainers for a better experience. These trainers are smarter, intellectually designed and most importantly, quite. They offer a great road feel and amazing simulation is achieved. These trainers respond quickly and are more accurate because these trainers can accept resistance quite well.

If you want the fun of riding on a road, you can adjust the power correctly and you can enjoy the real world like rides without the risk of crashing and facing the traffics.

Smart Trainers

The smart trainers are more likely to adjust with the resistance giving you the best of a virtual ride. You can decrease the resistance while going downhill and vice versa. They give accurate power readings and can track your performance accurately.

Compared to the classic trainers, the smart trainers offer better speed changes and outputs that can make your virtual rides more powerful and exciting. If you are looking for some advanced functionalities and some high end features, choose the smart riders.

Final Verdict

Zwift is one of the best training programs developed for providing the users with the most flexible and exciting training environment. At a reasonable price, you get to explore the digital environment, achieve your fitness goals and stay in shape.

It is better than ample of other indoor training options because of its visual effectiveness, its ability to let you connect socially, the powerful routes and the companion app.

The zwift training program is worth your money if you love cycling and want to make your indoor training sessions more powerful, engaging and highly rewarding.


Written by Nyk

Nyk is a father of one daughter, fitness enthusiast, and an owner of Dish for Diet. He shares health, diet, and fitness information that inspires him to stay hale and hearty. Being a health conscious father, his vision is a world where care for well being is a part of everyday life.